Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cool Weekend

the recent three-day weekend was quite full. after a long time, i went grocery shopping. usually hubby would do replenish our groceries as the cleaner comes in early saturdays and i dont want to leave her at home, unsupervised.

i bought quite a few things. huggies was on promotion at $36.99, so i bought 2 packs. not much cheaper than the normal price at speedmart but cheaper still. i also bought some clothes for the boys to wear in school. tiba meniba i had the urge to cook. i havent cooked in ages, so i bought some items - prawns, chicken, fish, minced beef, veggies and came home with full set of menu for the weekend.

i made lasagna, which surprisingly the boys love, on saturday. just look at my mat sepet with pasta sauce on his face.

the boys were a handful the whole weekend. amir and asyraf are not taking daytime naps nowadays, which lead to them being cranky and then the parents turn cranky. we usually separate amir & asyraf from ariff as ariff still needs 2 naps a day. amir & asyraf usually fall asleep after their father scream at them.

i had trouble with my laundry last weekend. newly bought clothes need to be washed, plus the usual loads that i do on weekends. it was raining, i had limited drying space and limited sunlight. to solve the problems, i asked hubby to buy another drying rack and for now, i have to air my clothes indoor with the fan at full blast. my electric bill will hit the roof this month!

on sunday we went for lunch at tony roma's courtesy of tssc. not used to weekend crowd, we were there only for a short while.

for dinner, i made sweet and sour fish, udang goreng and the very simple sup sayur.

monday was hari raya aidiladha. my mom and sisters went back to kota bharu, so we spent the morning keeping tssc company.


Jaja said...

nyummy, sedapnya tengok nak bukan, sbnrnya sedapnya tengok udang tuh :-P

zie said...

moks dah ader nick name baru ka mommy kasi..mat sepet? haha..ariff leh geng ngan auntie tau suka lasagna..nyum nyum..i guess the bys skang amat aktif dan suka main2 tu lah nap dh tak nak kut kan..haha..lucu imagining how lepas kena scream kat daddy baru sumer tutup mata ..hehe

afne said...

kak, blk giant trs report rege huggies. yup mmg murah tp dh beli few days earlier. kak.. nk lasagna!


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