Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Check Ups

hubby said dsh is now our second home. in the 17 days of december, 2 of us have been admitted and we have been going back time and again for check ups and follow ups.

amir's follow up
dr razak wanted to see the progress of amir's injury and circumcision. he also wanted to take off the bandage on amir's hand. his hand is doing ok...the artificial will peel off once the new skin grows. his circumcision is also better. its not as red and raw anymore. the doctor said some small cuts are normal.

ariff's immunisation
we took amir to see dr azizi for his 14 months jab and his final pneumococcal jab. as usual, he didnt cry. he just growled at the doctor. we decided to take him last minute and he didnt have proper clothes and shoes. he was running around shoe-less, much to our embarassment.

26 weeks check up
my gynae's clinic is only open until lunch in december. with all the running around i had to do, i couldnt find time to visit her clinic during weekdays and opted for a saturday appointment. but i was having contractions yesterday - maybe due to the activities of the previous weekend. she said i should take it easy especially for 2 months until the baby reaches 34 weeks.

as with my other pregnancies, this baby is at a wonderful position to do a 3D scan. his head was facing down, his front was facing my right side - which explains his constant kicking affecting my right side. my instinct is correct this time, i had a great big feeling that he would look like ariff and the scan printout confirms it (of course, that is up to now; he face is not totally fully developed yet). the best part was that he was smiling. oh bless you, my complete power (that's the meaning of his name)


Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

cewah baby boy siap smile time scan tue .. caya ..cayalah ;-)

andy21 said...

Amir, jgn notty tau, nanti susah nak baik.. kalu gedik, ok... tapi jgn notty k...

Cool Ariff, tak nangis pun kan.. caya... ariff dah besar, leh jaga baby pasni yek. :)

baby - chewah... senyum simpul tuh... mcm tau je org nak ambik gambar... :)

mummy, u take care k...

huhuhuhhuhuhu... dah lama takde citer asyraf... huhuhuhuhhu

mommamia said...

yeay,amir is getting well!26 weeks already sally?gosh cptnya,and that baby's smile alaaaa..comelllnya-3d scan ni syok la,mmg clear,takde la blurr jer mcm 2dscan-so got a name for eai no 4 already?tak sabar pulak nak tgk hero baru u


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