Wednesday, December 24, 2008


i declare today a non-working day. going to pay my bills, make lists, prepare our annual leave plan for next year, make my monthly budget, set aside money for daycare registration & monthly payment, pack to move to new office, eat and some more.

my bills are paid (sans car loan repayment), list for my shopping excursion on friday made (to get amir's new school bag, towels & loads and loads of containers), i have informed hubby of our annual leave plan for next year (i dont plan to take a lot since i'll be on time off on bi-weekly and weekly basis).

daycare monthly payment has gone up by $50 a child. add that to the yearly registration that we need to pay next week, my salary is already cut by half. we need to get a new school bag for amir as he'll be starting proper lessons and will be bringing home homework. now his bag is big enough to fit a change of clothes and his tupperware of cookies. new school bag for amir means new school bag for asyraf.

our department will be moving to a new building first week of jan onwards (i think...its not confirmed - nothing is in this department ;) ) so we're doing our first round of packing today. i just need a box, and i'm done.

do we get to go home early?


azie said...

sis..i also have to plan my annual leave for next year..time to go jalan-jalan cari pasal..hahaha...happy new year from us...:)

Karen said...

Hi Salina! Congrats on your new pregnancy! So it's to be four boys? Wonderful! So sorry to hear about Amir's little accident... very scary for him and for you guys.

I know I'm very late, but Happy Eid!


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