Saturday, November 15, 2008

Year End School Celebration

as with previous years, the boys' school would have their concert and convocation before the school holidays - of course the daycare doesnt close.

amir got his final exam results on thursday. i wasnt hoping much. i know boys around his age wouldnt be into learning as much as girls. plus we were also away on our holiday a week before his exam that i'm sure he wasnt in the mood to do any tests.

but we were pleasantly surprised. amir went from a D student in his mid year exams to an A student. his percentage was higher and he was the no4 student of his class. cikgu sally's comment was a bit funny "amir should stop daydreaming in class..." if daydreaming makes him no4, i dont mind if he daydreams forever.

during the concert today amir and his class performed 2 songs - 1 in malay and 1 in english. amir got stage fright and it clearly showed. he was fidgeting and clamming up the whole time. i kept asking him to smile but he wouldnt. but he wind down a bit when they got to the second song "if you're happy and you know it".

asyraf & ariff's class had a best dressed competition. with a theme like 'flora and fauna', we had no hope of winning. how could 2 boys compete with girls in flowery dresses who would probably put flowers and things on their head. and what would my boys come as, anyway? i could only think of bees. searched high and low for a custome until i got a reply from a friend (after putting it as my FB status)

went to a shop in shah alam where they rent costumes. i first saw some animal costumes, which would be too huge for my boys. then i turned and saw it! the most perfect bee outfit. done, checked. then i saw a ladybird outfit. perfect sizes too - the bee would fit nicely on ariff and the ladybird on asyraf.

i was sure amani would win with her flowery head gear and leaves-covered shoes but she was crying when she saw the crowd. asyraf on the other hand loved being on stage. he stood still right in the middle of the stage. when his teacher asked him to dance, he danced. when his teacher made hand movements, he followed suit. eh eh...asyraf ni!

after amir's performance it was time to announce the results for best dressed competition. they called out the second runner up first. it was my little bee ariff! surprise surprise. so there the fat bee and his fat mummy walked on stage to take his hamper. when i walked down to hubby, who was turning away from the crowd of picture-taking-parents, the judge said "dont go yet, you have to go back on stage". and then cikgu dina announced the little dancing ladybird!

we're so proud of the boys. they all came back happy, tired and with a prize each.


Mary J said...

comel lah ariff and asyraff with the costumes.. siap menari lagi? ikut siapa lah tu.. hahhaha

eiseai said...

mary j...obviously not from the father...hahahhaha

Anonymous said...

I luv to see ariif...he's so cute. teringat anak I kat umah lak...rindu nya...

Nomee said...

Dulu ada kedai costumes tu kat Shah Alam Mall. Sekarang dah tutup. Mana nak carik lagi kat Shah Alam yek? TQ.

mommamia said...

my gaaawdd!comelnya bee tu,kalau ada real bee secomel ni kan,i dont mind kena gigit-congrats to amir,auntie nmpk mark tuh memanjang jer 100%,bak kata u sally,tu daydreaming tu,kalau tak daydreaming,wah!i cant imagine,keep up the good work amir!best la sekolah ur kids,irina punya daycare asikla activiti color gmbr beruang tak habis2 huhu

gEe said...


eiseai said...

anonymous...thanks :)

nomee...i bought them at a shop behind mcd sek9. one row with klinik adek.

mar...hahaha...tu lah bee gomok. amir tu very lazy actually. colour pun malassss je. susah nak ajar dia colour. hahaha...alaaa takpe lah irina, have fun colouring. i bet u are a better colour-er than amir anytime :)



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