Sunday, November 09, 2008


...of the heat. good for my laundry mission, but not so good for my health. been wheezing a lot - effects of heat and rain at night. hubby took advantage of it by bringing us to the zoo the day after we returned from kk.

...of macdonalds. hubby took amir to his company's family day at desa waterpark today. he came back with a bucketful of mcchicken and fillet o fish and apple pie. enough to last a week. he came back early though, due to the heat. and he missed out on something good.

...of the "so no 4 is a girl?" question. ok...will not elaborate on that as tisu already did that on my behalf.

...of hospitals. since hubby's scare last month, we've been visiting the hospital non-stop with his follow up, my check up, ariff's check up. the last being yesterday when i went to the a&e due to diarrhea and vomitting. got it from the boys, who've been passing them around like a baton. my biggest fear was that baby no4's movement was very limited. the MO sent me up to the maternity ward to check the baby's heart rate.

...of laundry. due to the vomitting the boys had (re above). i think i had to do a load everyday this week because one bag would always contained soiled clothes.

...of googling for our next holiday. but i like that bit.


princess kittie said...

...of the "so no 4 is a girl?" question. ok...will not elaborate on that as tisu already did that on my behalf.

pls...feel free to elaborate
ur words can be more pedas than mine at times....
pedas yet subtle...
may it then penetrate the kepalas of those who is very the erm...unaccepting? wacked? gotnolifeoftheirown? stubborn? keras kepala? well wishers without the well thinking?

any....shall we eat at treats for dindin one nite?
d food is yums and was thinking of having a (small and quiet and inexpensive) burfday partee for grandaddy daddy...
max guests 60 (inside and out). inside only is 30-40
pls reply via FB meses

zie said...

..of all the exhaustion. I hope u are doing find. I guess the movement is limited due to yr vomitting and tiredness..i hope the boys are ok too..enjoying zoo negara..hihi..

mock said...

can i add something in addition to kittie's comments? well i'm gonna write it anyway...

org2 yg tanya soalan tu selalunya will not realise that the pedas comments are directed to them...they'll just go "agaknya sapa la yg diorg ni referring to..." or "a'ah la, ada pulak tanya soalan2 camtu..biarlah dia nak semua anak lelaki pun..."

nope, they won't paham one...not even when you cakap to them point-blank: "OIII!! AKU CAKAP PASAL ENGKAU LAAAAAA!!!!"


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