Sunday, November 02, 2008

KK Holiday

we took advantage of the MAS zero fair earlier this year and booked ourselves to kota kinabalu (being the only state in malaysia hubby havent visited - perlis is still pending for me). a couple of months before the trip, we managed to get a good deal at the pacific sutera harbour.

the flight to KK was at 9am on monday and the flight back was at 5pm on friday. good enough time for both but i wish our outgoing flight was an hour later and return flight was an hour earlier. but the boys we well behaved and slept the whole way through during both journeys - thanks to piriton :)

some things taken from the trip -
  • KK is a nice town. very quiet. i like the way they plan their town - things are easy enough to find and you can easily find yourself if you get lost;
  • however, the town isnt very stroller friendly and we had to manouvre around small sidewalks, stairs and small spaces;
  • the hotel was great. the breakfast was good, especially on our third day there where they served mini steak - yummm;
  • i like the fact that both hotels are in walking distance and connected by the marina;
  • the marina provided a lot of activities;
  • maybe next time we'll try magallen sutera;
  • the beach is nice (we went to tanjung aru) but we missed on the islands due to eai no1, no2, no3 and no4;
  • things are extremely expensive here - food, car rental, souveniours;
  • road up to kinabalu park and kundasang was bearable, road down was terrible;
  • 1borneo was nothing to shout about and their shuttle service was even worse;
  • hotel's shuttle service to town was great - on time and friendly driver;
  • the places we managed to visit was nice - warisan square, jesselton point, the night market;
  • regretted not buying anything at the night market.

if we do get to go again, this time we'll venture to the island, visit the wildlife sanctuary and see the beaches. maybe when the boys are slightly older.

next holiday, if all goes well insyaallah, will be the trip tiza is planning. if that doesnt work out, hubby and i plan to have a rest at club med cherating where they have a nursery for young visitors (so that hubby and i can relax and have a massage) and maybe to singapore for a bit of shopping. that's for next year...we'll see how it goes.


eiseai said...

hahaha...ahh tu lah kan?

eh gambar ada byk le...kat bwh entry ni :)

Mary J said...

Kalau u pergi wedding I yg kat Perlis definitely you dah sampai sana.. hahaha.. letak lah pics makcik, I pun tak pernah sampai KK, Hafiz pernah lah

mrs hafiz said...

thanks for sharing info on KK..
i rasa mcm nak gi karambunai je bebila nanti.. hmmm

dott said...

Nina, senyap senyap jer dah balik from KK.. huhu

the last time i went KK was 5 years ago.. since seafood was cheaper compare to KL i ate seafood every night until kena diarhea..huhu.

saw the pictures, you guys look like you have n prob taking care of 3 todds and also no.4 on holiday trip. I'm planning for a short holidays, hopefully i have your strength.. share tips please? :-D

ayien78 said...

Next time....Kak sally g Shangri Rasa Ria....marvellous.... adviseable g sana sbb kat Ayien mmg dh penah stay kat harbour... Karambunai.... but Shangrila Rasa Ria still da best...eventhough jauh kat corok...tapi scenery dia ok...n dekat kalau nk g makan seafood kat salud....

mommamia said...

my sis baru menyuarakan hasrat nak ajak gi family holiday ke sabah(reason being kk is the only bandar tak pergi lg dlm msia,sama jer kes kita)then bukak blog u tadaaa penuh gmbr2 gi kk,lagi la buat i excited dan tak sabar2-u look healthy and great even carrying eai no4 and 3 todds tagging along,tgk gmbr2 tu sumer buatkan i bertambah desperate nak gi bercuti gak,set2 gi PD pun takpe la dah desperate sgt ni huhu
gmbr ur boys dlm bath tub adalah sgt comellll,dah mcm iklan mandian bayi ;)

zie said...

ina u pi tak pasar apa ntah kat sabah tu yg banyak jual all of those pearls..i suka pasar tu sb banyak hand crafts..i like sabah also larr..part from banyak bebudak filipino yg mintak duit ngan u..did u get that experience..ayo, i ingat tgh i makan kt one restaurant..mmg byk die org dtg mintak duit and food..anyway..true kan its a not so happening town..but the crafts and seafood are cuti2 UK u kena tangguh next year after bb kuar?hehe..i'll be waiting to c u and the heroes;)


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