Sunday, November 02, 2008

KK Holiday - The Pictures

some pictures on the plane, at the hotel and at the places we managed to visit - sutera harbour marina, warisan square, kinabalu park, kundasang, observation deck & jesselton point.


Diana@frendzybizz said...

suka tgk gmbr vacation kak sally sekeluarga .. heppi manjang ... paling suka aski2 dlm bath tub .. so comel .. mana la org tak kata kembar ..a riff & asyraf beso lebih kurang je ..he..he.. ;-)

andy21 said...

hahahaha... paling cute is gmbr diorang tido..... senang pulak yek..

tanyer kat asyraf, jgn nak ngorat stewardess yek.. walaupun ensem, tapi blum cukup umur... hehehe..

zie said...

cutenya tido dl comfy..:)


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