Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday Pictures

asyraf's birthday on 20 nov 2008

for more pictures, please view asyraf's blog

ariff's party on 18 oct 2008

for more pictures, please view ariff's blog

Thursday, November 20, 2008


...who was surrounded by sickly bugs before he turned one;
...who is now surrounded by active bugs;
...who used to scare us by not talking at all;
...who now talks non-stop;
...who loves playing alone;
...loves lego, mickey mouse, monsters inc;
...who can never sit still;
...who has the cutest smile & dimples;
...who can not go to sleep without his bottle (empty bottle, mind you...)
...who is our little 'mat jambu';
...who is still the crybaby of the house;
...who runs everywhere; a teacher's pet;
...loves his brothers quietly but acts all macho on the outside;
...wants mummy to sleep on the same pillow with him;
...cant sleep with the lights on;
...wants to start wearing underwear;
...loves playing with water; scared of 'crab' and 'antu';
...may start toilet training early;
...whose name i absolutely love and fought hard for;
...turns two today; engku asyraf izzuddin.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Year End School Celebration

as with previous years, the boys' school would have their concert and convocation before the school holidays - of course the daycare doesnt close.

amir got his final exam results on thursday. i wasnt hoping much. i know boys around his age wouldnt be into learning as much as girls. plus we were also away on our holiday a week before his exam that i'm sure he wasnt in the mood to do any tests.

but we were pleasantly surprised. amir went from a D student in his mid year exams to an A student. his percentage was higher and he was the no4 student of his class. cikgu sally's comment was a bit funny "amir should stop daydreaming in class..." if daydreaming makes him no4, i dont mind if he daydreams forever.

during the concert today amir and his class performed 2 songs - 1 in malay and 1 in english. amir got stage fright and it clearly showed. he was fidgeting and clamming up the whole time. i kept asking him to smile but he wouldnt. but he wind down a bit when they got to the second song "if you're happy and you know it".

asyraf & ariff's class had a best dressed competition. with a theme like 'flora and fauna', we had no hope of winning. how could 2 boys compete with girls in flowery dresses who would probably put flowers and things on their head. and what would my boys come as, anyway? i could only think of bees. searched high and low for a custome until i got a reply from a friend (after putting it as my FB status)

went to a shop in shah alam where they rent costumes. i first saw some animal costumes, which would be too huge for my boys. then i turned and saw it! the most perfect bee outfit. done, checked. then i saw a ladybird outfit. perfect sizes too - the bee would fit nicely on ariff and the ladybird on asyraf.

i was sure amani would win with her flowery head gear and leaves-covered shoes but she was crying when she saw the crowd. asyraf on the other hand loved being on stage. he stood still right in the middle of the stage. when his teacher asked him to dance, he danced. when his teacher made hand movements, he followed suit. eh eh...asyraf ni!

after amir's performance it was time to announce the results for best dressed competition. they called out the second runner up first. it was my little bee ariff! surprise surprise. so there the fat bee and his fat mummy walked on stage to take his hamper. when i walked down to hubby, who was turning away from the crowd of picture-taking-parents, the judge said "dont go yet, you have to go back on stage". and then cikgu dina announced the little dancing ladybird!

we're so proud of the boys. they all came back happy, tired and with a prize each.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


...of the heat. good for my laundry mission, but not so good for my health. been wheezing a lot - effects of heat and rain at night. hubby took advantage of it by bringing us to the zoo the day after we returned from kk.

...of macdonalds. hubby took amir to his company's family day at desa waterpark today. he came back with a bucketful of mcchicken and fillet o fish and apple pie. enough to last a week. he came back early though, due to the heat. and he missed out on something good.

...of the "so no 4 is a girl?" question. ok...will not elaborate on that as tisu already did that on my behalf.

...of hospitals. since hubby's scare last month, we've been visiting the hospital non-stop with his follow up, my check up, ariff's check up. the last being yesterday when i went to the a&e due to diarrhea and vomitting. got it from the boys, who've been passing them around like a baton. my biggest fear was that baby no4's movement was very limited. the MO sent me up to the maternity ward to check the baby's heart rate.

...of laundry. due to the vomitting the boys had (re above). i think i had to do a load everyday this week because one bag would always contained soiled clothes.

...of googling for our next holiday. but i like that bit.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

KK Holiday

we took advantage of the MAS zero fair earlier this year and booked ourselves to kota kinabalu (being the only state in malaysia hubby havent visited - perlis is still pending for me). a couple of months before the trip, we managed to get a good deal at the pacific sutera harbour.

the flight to KK was at 9am on monday and the flight back was at 5pm on friday. good enough time for both but i wish our outgoing flight was an hour later and return flight was an hour earlier. but the boys we well behaved and slept the whole way through during both journeys - thanks to piriton :)

some things taken from the trip -
  • KK is a nice town. very quiet. i like the way they plan their town - things are easy enough to find and you can easily find yourself if you get lost;
  • however, the town isnt very stroller friendly and we had to manouvre around small sidewalks, stairs and small spaces;
  • the hotel was great. the breakfast was good, especially on our third day there where they served mini steak - yummm;
  • i like the fact that both hotels are in walking distance and connected by the marina;
  • the marina provided a lot of activities;
  • maybe next time we'll try magallen sutera;
  • the beach is nice (we went to tanjung aru) but we missed on the islands due to eai no1, no2, no3 and no4;
  • things are extremely expensive here - food, car rental, souveniours;
  • road up to kinabalu park and kundasang was bearable, road down was terrible;
  • 1borneo was nothing to shout about and their shuttle service was even worse;
  • hotel's shuttle service to town was great - on time and friendly driver;
  • the places we managed to visit was nice - warisan square, jesselton point, the night market;
  • regretted not buying anything at the night market.

if we do get to go again, this time we'll venture to the island, visit the wildlife sanctuary and see the beaches. maybe when the boys are slightly older.

next holiday, if all goes well insyaallah, will be the trip tiza is planning. if that doesnt work out, hubby and i plan to have a rest at club med cherating where they have a nursery for young visitors (so that hubby and i can relax and have a massage) and maybe to singapore for a bit of shopping. that's for next year...we'll see how it goes.

KK Holiday - The Pictures

some pictures on the plane, at the hotel and at the places we managed to visit - sutera harbour marina, warisan square, kinabalu park, kundasang, observation deck & jesselton point.


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