Sunday, October 26, 2008

Holy Hotness Batman

after days of rain (and facing the effects - slow lrt, terrible jam) the sunny weather we faced this weekend is a refreshing change. i managed to do a total of 7 loads of laundry (another 1 waiting in the wings tonight). i dont like drying my clothes on the gate but the sun was directly "directed" to the gates so i made this an exception. 2 hours and my bedsheet and duvet covers were warm and toastie. the cleaner changed all the bedsheets and duvet covers in the house yesterday. if the sun wasnt out today i would have to take all the bedlinens to the dry cleaners.

so i did bedlinens, the boys clothes (2 loads), working clothes, our casual clothes, towels and ariff's new clothes he got for his birthday. i love empty laundry baskets. hubby even managed to wash asyraf's and ariff's shoes.

now that all my clothes are out of the way, please rain tonight...

for some rojak updates:
- thanks to everyone who commented on ariff's birthday. hubby and i truly enjoyed outselves and we were happy with how the day went. cant thank everyone enough. we're still waiting for the pictures. the photographers, apis & saiful were away from the office the past week. hoping to get them before they basi...

- asyraf has made some changes recently. he doesnt cry as much (key words here are 'as much'; the crying is still there...just mellowed down some). hubby said he looks 'grown up'. maybe because he's talking now. after almost 2 years of expressing his feeling with tears and screams he now manages to speak and show his feeling. and he's speaking and showing his feelings non-stop now. no, we're not complaining...asyraf has got a nice voice.

- asyraf is able to move up in school. he can join the playgroup 2-3 years class, but his teacher wants to hold on to him till she leaves in december. asyraf is attached to her anyway, so we dont mind. plus he's in the same class as ariff. next year he'll be in a different class, learning and having exams while amir will move on to the kindergarten side of the school. hubby and i plan to have a double birthday celebration for amir & asyraf before amir moves, maybe some time in december. amir wants the theme to be thomas.

- ariff has finally shaken off his laziness to walk and is tawafing his room and the tv area. i love watching that gomok shake his bum bum. asyraf is a wee bit too protective of ariff that it gets in the way of him walking.

- hubby and i have decided on baby no 4's first birthday theme. the favour will include what i did not manage to give for ariff's birthday. i hope i can find them, though...

- we need a sofa for the tv area. its getting more difficult for me to stand up.

next update (with pictures) on friday...


mommamia said...

i dah jatuh cinta kt asyraf pulak la sally,dia hensem lah!dahla hensem,cute jer pakai kasut besar ntah sapa2 punya masa party haritu haha-i teringin nak tgk aliff jln,haritu bday boy ramai peminat,so asik kena dukung,mesti comel bila dia jlnkan esp from backside,shake ur bum bumm abisss!hihi

umi ameer said...

Hi and salam ziarah..
anak2 u mmg sumua comey2 la..
nakal tak boleh katalahkan, almaklum budak lelaki..

anyway, congratulation to ariff who turned one recently..

zie said...

ina,wahh,,dlm perut mommy and daddy dh plan for first betday gitu..ekekeke..


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