Friday, September 12, 2008

Week 12

went for my week 12 check up yesterday.

everything was ok, bp normal...pulse ok.
she asked the routine questions of vomitting, nauseasness, discharge etc.
then it was up on the examining bed for scanning.

the baby was in a great position.
the doctor said a 3D would look nice this time, even though its earlier than when we would do for the previous pregnancies.
everything can be clearly seen...the moving arms, the thumb sucking, the kicking legs.
hubby said he thought he saw something protruding and asked the doctor what it was.
of course, at 12 weeks, the doctor wouldnt want to confirm a baby's gender but it did give us hope.

a 3D scan of the baby. quite clear eh?


mrs hafiz said...

hope u sihat eh, sally..

clear gambar scan tu :)

NadiahKhair said...

Looks like a boy to me. :D
I went for a check up at 9th weeks. It was fascinating. Complete with arms and legs moving. Best jek.

dott said...

i had to enlarge the photo.
Wow chubby arms.. cute!

and i thot i saw something... Since i'm a mother of 2 boys so i think i've seen "it" before during my scan..
hmm nina, is it?

mommamia said...

ahah!something protruding?nmpknya impian u nak form satu team bolasepak bakal menjadi kenyataan sally-mmg terang la 3D scan ni,would like to try it for my next check up nnti

kombat said...

sangat comel!

Being Normal said...

bestnyer...really thinking about having another one...seriously thinking!!

Faith said...

oh buncit perut mama nya. =p

opsiedaisy said...

Congrats Salina :)


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