Thursday, September 04, 2008

Update On My Boys

second entry of the day...i'm trying to divert my attention away from my growling stomach

- amir's comments and questions sometimes surprise us. he talks like an adult at times, asking question that hubby and i dont have the answer to.
- even though he has his 'adult' moment, he's still this really naughty little boy. he loves walking past asyraf and pushing him down, or coming up to ariff and then biting him. just to see them cry.
- he loves eating new food and he's eating a lot. he can eat 3 slices of pizza at one go, even went through 18 sticks of satay yesterday.
- his taste for tv shows has also evolved. he was into mickey mouse and elmo last time, now he's into pink panther and batman.
- he's learned to brush his teeth and bathe properly from school. he's also able to wipe his body dry after bath. he's also mastered wearing clothes and shoes.
- amir loves: disturbing his brothers, taking off the seat belt in the car, pressing the remote to close the gate, putting 2 fingers in his mouth (still), mini chipsmore, going grocery shopping on weekends, following daddy everywhere, bathtime.

- he's slowly starting to talk although there are times when he would use the same word for everything, usually its "aaa taaaaa". when we say, asyraf...say monkey, he would taaaa. when we say, asyraf...say adik, he would taaaaa.
- his vocabulary includes 'nak', 'tak nak', 'tido', 'jom', 'habis dahhhhh', 'tumpah', 'muntah', 'baad' for bird, 'miahh' for cat, 'dodok', 'mama' for mummy, 'adaa' for daddy, 'ummu' for his cikgu ummu, 'ayaa' for his friend ayra and 'asyaa' for himself.
- he's not drinking milk in school anymore. yeay! and a big thank you to cikgu ummu. ever since cikgu ummu became his teacher, asyraf has shown significant developments. cikgu ummu will be around till december, which is perfect timing because in january asyraf will move on to the toddler 2-3 class with cikgu kak iza.
- at home he drink abour 1 & half to 2 bottles before he sleeps everyday on weekdays plus about 1 to 2 bottles during the day on weekend. not a lot considering he would go around hugging his bottles last time.
- asyraf is addicted to monsters inc. and i mean addicted. he can watch the movie on repeat (3 times at one go) everyday. because of monsters inc, we find it difficult to get him to bathe and because of monsters inc, we can get him to come out of the bathroom.
- he is forever picking a fight with amir in the car that we sometimes ask amir to sit on the floor of the car or in front with me (which i really dont like). when amir moves away from his booster seat, asyraf will call out 'dodokkkk' and points at the seat.
- asyraf loves: monsters inc, eating while watching monsters inc, going to sleep watching monsters inc, wearing his clothes while watching monsters inc, having his milk while watching monsters inc. asking for other cds and after 2 seconds wants monsters inc again. its about the only thing we have on the tv at the moment. but its good cos he finally can be left alone.

- this boy is showing his true colours now. we thought he's such a soft spoken baby but he's so rough. he grunts all the time especially when we call out to him. he would go 'uughhh' 'uughhh' all the time.
- he loves pushing everything pushable. he would push his hippo, the rocking horse, the chair, the laundry basket. even the table in doctor azizi's clinic (doctor azizi asked him if he was really ill yesterday...nampak sihat je mengemas tu, he said)
- he wants to sleep between hubby and me when he's not well but is ok with sleeping in his cot when he's healthy (very memilih)
- laughs hysterically at abang long's antics but has a quiet bond with asyraf. they are all connected in a different way.
- he can wave byebye complete with 'baaa' and loves to shake his head no.
- ariff loves: to eat, pushing people out of the way when he doesnt want a hug, standing at the safety gate crying, playing with everything abang long and abang play with (no soft toys for this boy), keeping to himself in the car, lepaking with daddy and mummy while we eat.

what we learned from the boys' school teachers (we korek-ed some info at the wedding we attended)
- amir is very, extremely naughty. he's very lazy and loves to disturb other children. his friend and foe is hakim (it used to be haziq, who now has left the school - haziq balik kapung, according to amir). he puts on a very blur 'whatever' look whenever he gets scolding from his teachers.
- asyraf is very helpful and very close to his teachers. he listens to instructions and is always willing to help, ie bring things for the teacher, sit down properly. he's quite attached to his teachers and is always sitting with them on the couch rather than with other children on the floor.
- ariff is garang (he's so my boy!). he's a busybosy in school - he would open his friends' bags and take out the things in their bags. he loves to play and wants to enter the 1-2 year class to play with the toys there (asyraf's class). he's the apple of every teacher's eyes. i hope he gets to be in the same as asyraf - even if its only for a month. that would be too cute!


zie said...

eh new layout again :) Bila dh lama tak masuk blog u nie, mula la i duk melekat sini lama, nk baca sumer entry terlepas..hehe..amir nie softer than asyraff ker, it looks like at asyraff's age, amir like mickey mouse, and asyraff like monster inc - mickey and monster inc..hehe..obviously tak shows their character? ppl say second child is tougher than the first yer ker? amboi amboi si kecik tu dh mula garang sekarang nie..hehe..ermm..bila u kata u nk baby name ada a and r kan..i am thinking kan apa maksud die..mana i dgr nama tu ek, must have been from one of the indonesian movie i eh, u prepare nama boy jer nampaknya (wink)..i read that u can still masak and kemas umah sume rkan, ayoo ina my pregnancy was ouchhh!..i tak leh tgk cahaya tau..pening nk pitam, i live on rayban..teruk. Nausea i teruk sgt, i tak leh bau nasi + makan nasi, ifeed on nasi berwarna-minyak mostly-klakar tak-tp i mkn skit sgt, and my perut 7 bulan baru nampak..adushh..i really wish to be healthy and merry time preggie tau..tgk org cam ceria jerk, i mmg minah 'sembo' -tak mo mandi lah, comot time preggie..really klaka..take care!

mamasyazmar said...

My eldest is at the asking questions alot too. There were the whats, hows and now the whys. With this asking phase it amazes hubby & I of how much we know and also how much we don't know abt things.

saveme_zero said...

seronoknya dapat lihat anak membsar ni. yg best...bila dia dah byk tya itu ini..smpi tak leh nak jwb...ekekekek.. tu mmg mencabar minda kita. sue suka sweet.

aisha said...

lorr.. akak hapdet kat sini ker? kat blog the boys tu tak hapdet pun akak.. tak cukup tangan ek...

inda said...

sukanye baca these boys development
kak js u should be proud of yourself, u have been such a wonderful mom to all of them :)

Julie said...

I think Ariff is about the same age with my boy. He too loves to shake his head no and likes to dig into bags and ransack everything in it.

Being Normal said...

my kids yg dah besar2 tu pun still don't stop asking the soalan cepu emas and expect us to know all the answers, not to dissapoint them, we have to do lots of reading...but ada gak questions remain unanswered till now ;)

mrs hafiz said...


amir ~ kuatnya dia makan, mesti seronok tgk..

asyraf ~ suka tgk monster inc, wah leh tgk sama2 ngan auntie.. im so loving the movie.. :)

ariff ~ nak manje la tu, nak tidur sama2 parents dia..

serononye tgk these kids ngan mcm2 perangai.. mesti mummy dia "pening kepala.." hehe


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