Sunday, September 14, 2008

This And That

we're coming up to the middle of ramadhan (tomorrow will be the 15th day we fast). i missed 2 days so far, the first on thursday as i had my check up. i chose not to fast because i wanted a full bladder for the scan. the second was on friday. that was because i just wanted a break.

its been terribly hot the past week. i think everyone's experiencing the same...tiredness, lethargic, extreme thirst. i wonder how it would be when ramadhan falls in june, july when its really hot. yesterday i was almost melted from the heat. i was sorely tempted to break my fast at 5pm but i refrained myself. it was only 2 more hours after all.

today's another terrible day. went about the morning doing so many house chores - cleaning the kitchen, doing 2 loads of laundry, minding the boys. thank god the cleaner is coming in a bit. i hope this cleaner will be ok. the company i used in 2005 was great. their cleaners were always on time and they cleaned from top to bottom. they were they only ones who were willing to come over once in 2 weeks - the rest said its not 'berbaloi'.

i havent cooked much this ramadhan. i made chicken rice on the first day, i made soto last weekend and coffee jelly for break fast today. that's about it. i've been so tired lately. dont know if its the fasting or the heat or the carrying no4. i would love to cook like lia but considering only hubby and i eat (the boys eat white rice, soup and fish) it feels not worth it to spend time in the kitchen or make food that we have to consume 3 times before we can finish them. maybe when the boys are older...

went to nina's house yesterday. she was in the mood to bake raya cookies. i helped...not much of a help with amir not feeling well (he went to the loo 3 times and threw up twice) and ariff who just wanted to climb up the stairs. in the end we (or rather nina and her aunt) made cornflake cookies and chocolate chip cookies.

i'm going through my checklist of ariff's birthday. i think i'm re-doing the favours. went through a magazine after sahur this morning. found something that is good (and not so expensive) to give to the younger guests. this time around there'll be no sweets or chocolates in the favour bags. the bags will contain non-edible things. there will be sweets and things that kids would like (and parents would throw away) but it wont be in the bags. this time it will be slightly different. of course now my thoughts are on baby no4's birthday. what to do then eh?

asyraf talks a lot now. he can finally say 'mummy', though most of the time he would address me as 'mama'. hubby is still a-daaa. everything to him is habis. but he's more vocal now. ariff's not too far behind. he's going 'mamma mamma' all the time. he loves to sit down and clap and go maaa maaa (which is most probably pok amai amai his teachers sing to him at school). this boy is still fat, no sign of him losing his baby fat even though he's getting more and more active. he's also very garang now. he doesnt back down from a fight, this one. if abang long or abang give him one, he'd give one right back to them. amir's favourite question now is 'kawan amir tak?' after he's done something wrong. when we say 'tak' he would go 'nak, tak nak...nak, tak nak' (probably means...tadi nak kawan, sekarang tak nak kawan pulak)

looks like my wish may come true today. the sun's hid himself behind the clouds. hope my clothes will dry first though. looking forward to coming down to a cleaner kitchen and dining room today...and cleaner bathroom later on today.


dott said...

I agree with you.. some parents don't like sweets as a party favor. that is why i gave sweets separately. as expected my parents turn down the sweets.

Hav you check out the place? its quite cheap. I still haven't bought the favors. No time to go this month.

what? you have plan baby no 4's bday? huhuhuh...

Liasari said...

oh yeah it's freaking hot last week, thank god today dah hujan balik. i agree wid u i think its the heat yang buat i cepat penat after 2 wks of fasting.panas kat luar pastu malam2 psg aircon mana x sakit badan.
u r planning for bb no. 4 birthday already?!


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