Tuesday, September 02, 2008


i'm a bit anxious about fasting this time around. i've fasted during my past pregnancies but i was in my third trimester for all 3. this will be the first time i'm fasting during my first trimester. my 'tryouts' were not good. i could not ganti 6 days from last year - that's what happens when you postpone your ganti puasa till the end.

so this year, i've set aside a few days, just in case. just in case i cannot last the whole month.

my first day wasnt too bad. i started the day as usual. did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and prepared breakfast for the boys (nasi and soup kosong je). asyraf and ariff are on medication, so they must eat. amir as usual, would eat what he wanted when he wanted. the three of them were an active bunch after brekkie.

by 11am, i was in twilight zone. i was off my feet from 11am - 3pm. hubby took amir for his nap (or should i say, their naps) mid morning. i was left with asyraf and ariff. asyraf is always ok without amir, so it wasnt too bad.

after lunch and a bottle of milk each (asyraf's drinking less milk now - an entry on that later), both fell asleep. i had a few minutes in front of the telly before amir and hubby came out from tiza's room - amir looking fresh, hubby looking like he wanted to sleep more.

amir was getting bored by himself. hubby and i couldnt find the energy to answer his 1001 questions. it was raining heavily and he couldnt watch disney channel. so he bugged his parents.

after asar i went down to make chicken rice for buka puasa. my timing was off, i thought i could keep myself occupied for an hour or so, but by 530pm i was done. hubby went out for a bit and i sent him an sms at 6, saying "that's it! i reached my limit." so for the next hour i just sat down, not doing anything. i watched hubby dressed the boys for bed and then i watched the clock until 7:20pm.

hubby and i was so tired after buka, we couldnt entertain the boys. we fell asleep before them and hubby only realised when amir woke him up saying "daddy...bear habis dah. amir nak tido".

alhamdulillah...i made it. there were instances where i thought i just cannot tahan anymore, but i was happy i didnt break my fast. hoping i can tahan the whole month.

to all...selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan.


aisha said...

Akak. naper dgn muka asyraf dekat dahi tuh?? amir mesti dah mati bosan tu kan?at least dia tak ngamuk nak akak layan dia..heheh.. selamat berpuasa akak.. take care..

Being Normal said...

during pregnancy memang payah nak puasa, but look at the bright side...pose tak payah ganti...(walaupun rasa separuh mati...)

saveme_zero said...

kak la dgn sue. posa thn lps tak abis ganti..kahhh. hutang tak abis byr...hehe. dah abis thn br nak ganti..tu la kan.

mommamia said...

i tak thn nak gelak baca amir bugged mommy and daddy with 1001 questions,tgk amir pun i tahu he's capable of doing it,otak dia mcm sentiasa berfikir dan berjln jer kan?
selamat bepuasa to u too sally,i dah hari ke3 ni so far ok lg,cuma kaki tak thn diri lama2 memasak kt dapur,i thnk tak lama lagi manager dapur nak pencen dah..u take care

mama belian n cengal said...

blog hopping and landed here
nice blog and 'tabik spring' for being a mummy to 3 great kids, and all boys pulak tu..

salam perkenalan n take care...

Faith said...

ala, susah la nak kasi komen pasal puasa ketika mengandung nieeeh. papepun, selamat berpuasa. hehehehe.

*ariff adorablenyaaaa.

eiseai said...

aisha...cerita psl asyraf dlm next entry. selamat berpuasa to aisha too :)

normal...puasa time first trimester a bit the payah. third not so bad cos i dont eat much dah.

sue...masa last2 tu memang give up terus. byr je lah hutang tu nanti. sekarang memang tak larat. first week ni ingatkan tak boleh puasa gak tapi so far, ok...

mar...tu lah si amir. pot pet pot pet non stop. adaaaaa je dia nak tanya, dia nak comment. ish...mummy dia baca byk sgt ke masa pregnant hehe. all the best to you too for the month ahead :)

welcome mama belian (erk...reminds me of form 4 accounts heh). thanks for stopping by. take care...

faith...gambar ngan ariff kat damai laut tengok dah? tapi faith tak dpt dokong pun sbb azimah tak lepaskan ariff kan...hahaha...

Faith said...

oh, some memories are better kept in mind. eceeeh. hehehehe.


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