Thursday, September 04, 2008


asyraf had slightly redish eyes 2 weeks back. hubby put a bit of eye drops to clear them. after that we noticed there were red spots around his a mask. we took him to the nearby clinic, the doctor said it was rashes, could be due to anything - food, surrounding, cats (though we dont have any pets).

it went down after a few days, then it came back worse. the spots were large, they were
watery...almost like boils. the worst was surrounding his eyebrows. his teacher even found a spot at the back of his neck and another one on his head. we were a bit surprised as we thought it wasnt contagious. it didnt move past his eyes for a long time. then 2 spots elsewhere...weird.

by the end of the week, seeing asyraf scratching the spots making them bleed and realising the cream is not making him any better, we decided to see our saviour at the hospital. it wasnt easy to see him without appointment but i begged. kesiannnnn asyraf, i told the clinic assistant. hubby had to wait almost 3 hours before he finally got to see the doctor.

one look at asyraf, the doctor said...augmentin and fucidin. then he just stared at asyraf, repeating...what is this...what is this. he concluded its fungus (which name hubby could not recall - so i cant do more research). 3 days of both meds and we saw the spots clearing. now its as though there was nothing there. the skin where the spots were has hardened and we're putting cream to soften it.

now ariff. ariff who's seldom ill when he was younger is showing potential to be like his mummy - the 12-4 disease! ariff was breathing quite heavily last weekend. he had trouble sleeping and was wheezing. sunday evening we took him to the clinic. the doctor wanted him to use the nebuliser. he also said to come back that night and the next day. if ariff is still wheezing, he will be given inhaler.

we didnt realise it was that serious. for decisions like that - using inhalers - we thought we'd consult doctor azizi again. so yesterday i took ariff to see him. i told the clinic assistant that ariff's been wheezing quite bad. she lifted his shirt to see his chest and said...yeah, this one the doctor will ask you to use the nebuliser. true enough, the doctor said it was quite bad. he too asked us to come back for another round last night and then to use the inhaler. but this time ariff had to use for a longer was almost 30 minutes. he was screaming and screaming until he couldnt scream anymore, then he fell asleep.

last night was tough. we were half-hearted about going all the way to dsh immediately after buka. all the food just entered your body and you just want to sleep. but we pushed ourselves. hubby left ariff and me at the a&e and took the boys for a ride around taman tun. luckily we didnt have to wait long - only about 5 minutes. ariff cried at first, then he got attracted by the automatic door that he didnt realise the mask was on his face.

today i started administering the inhaler and aerochamber on him. not as easy as the box said (easy to use). well...its easy if the child sits still. but they key is to distract ariff and it wasnt too bad. ariff is sleeping better (no getting up at 2ams anymore) and his breathing is getting better. tomorrow i would need to let his teacher know how to use the aerochamber and hopefully he continues to get better.


Anonymous said...

gqunangis gak ariff mlm tadi eh? sian sampai tertido2. penat nangis kot. takpe lah at least lepas dia pakai inhaler tu dia dah ok sket kan. at least tak lah bgn mlm. hopefully dia baik cpt..comel mokmok..


Being Normal said...

nie yg sedih bile mokmok tak sihat...semoga cepat sembuh yer sayang....

nae said...

Luckily Arif & Ashraff have a very steady mommy. Hope the boys are feeling better by now

mommamia said...

asyraf ada merah2 kt muka pun tak menjejaskn kehenseman-tgk aerochamber ariff teringat kt irina dulu,mmg meraung2 kena pakai mask tu,i takut dia pengsan jer,sian ariff terus tertido ya,penat nangis tu kot,get well soon baby,mommy pun take care gak ya..

mar said...

Oh kesiannya kena guna aerochamber. Tapi still comel.

Tia pulak, kulitnya tak tahan. Kena gigit sikit pun, bekas lama betul nak hilang....

+gEe+ said...

loooooo siannye asyrat n ariff..
dulu ayyaz also use aerochamber..but its not work for him..smpi g hosp gomen..they ask us to change to the other taff inhaler..but malangnye stil the baik2..
kesudahnye g klinik kanak2 ew @ cheras..klinik cina..bleh d katakan ktorg je org malay yg dtg..hehe
but alhamduillah..baik dah until now..
terjejas sudah kulit dak ensem tu..


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