Saturday, September 20, 2008

The L

its finally in. now i can proceed with my re-list-ing process...

made the list a couple of times (based on estimated amount). now that its in, i can stick to a final list.

1. ariff's birthday - this will cover the caterer and tent. we're getting the same caterer we hired for asyraf's birthday so the number's about the same as last year (plus a bit more for inflation);

2. holiday - this is to cover the hotel for our holiday next month;

3. bills - to pay a couple of outstanding bills, not much since i paid a chunck last may;

4. house - a significant amount will go to the house. i need to get a new tv cabinet for area upstairs. i plan to bring the astro out from our room to the area and reactivate the astro downstairs. i also want to get 2 more chest of drawers for the boys room. the boys clothes cant fit into 2 chest of drawers and each would need their own. the fact that the clothes are all almost the same size is no help...they all look alike!! the changing table will be moved back into my room, to store baby no 4's clothes and asyraf & ariff will get their own drawers.

then a carpet for the dining room. a few trees to plant at the back yard. a new coat of paint for the boys' room. new pots and pans for me. a wing chair for my room, or better yet, a rocking chair. a labeling machine for my labeling pleasure. now that the house is cleaner with the weekly cleaning service i hired, i want to start organising everything (i thought of stopping at just the kitchen, but hey...why limit a good thing, eh?)

5. clothes - of course new clothes for the boys, all the more reason to get the chest of drawers. and some for me...i wonder if they have non-iron maternity shirts sold somewhere.

with all that done, i hope the boys will leave me to my reading in my room and hubby will be able to watch his footie undisturbed. erkk...tapi cukup ke duit yang masuk tu??


Faiith said...

Heheehehe, camne ngan kekawaaan?

dott said...

My astro also in my bedroom. Thinking of putting it downstair so the boys can watch their cartoon during th day (tapi tak subcribe lak cartoon channel) huhuh i like watching my fav channel while baring baring at night.. hubs complaint that i've een conquering the astro.. Too bad!muahahaha

Nina i pun need to buy new wardrobe for the boys.. now excess baju simpan in laundry basket..hhuuh. Like you said, baju bertambah tambah esp dah dekat nak raya.

InsyaAllah duit cukup masuk...

zie said...

i've got the very long list to ina..but the last sentence in teh entry..ermm..tu yg i tgh pikir nie..ada tak org tetiba nk kasi i i million pound ker kan..haha..sah2 i antar flight amik u anak beranak dtg sini jumpa beckham..anyway, u r such a planner woman!

eiseai said...

faith...sendiri pun tak cukup, camne nak kasik kengkawan. ehhh lagipun kengkawan dapat surat dulu okayyy. siap tempek gambar kat facebook tu :P

dot...i actually sayang want to take out the astro from my room, been so attached to it. tapi will leave d dvd player there. boring2 can layan grey's :)

kalau u want a wardrobe baik buat built in. not so ex and besarrrrr. cuma now the boys banyak baju that required lipating so d wardrobe a bit susah cos no drawers. which reminds me...i owe adnan a pair of shorts :)

zie...haiyooo kalau 1million pounds i pun nak. ni secoet je, but enough lah for my short term plans (itu pun kena review gak after making a few payments...aisehhh...)

mommamia said...

ye lah,u ni mmg terer bab2 planning,i nak kena blajar buat mcm u jugak,do and re-do the list,baru lah proper planning, ni tak semua i sumbat masuk dlm kepala,mcm terer sgt boleh ingt sumer..


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