Thursday, September 25, 2008


the favours arrived via fedex from the US yesterday
some needs to be bought - probably in a week or two

food is semi-settled together with canopy, chairs, tables
munchies will also be bought nearer the date

guest list is done
and the invites have gone out this morning

how should i decorate the house though?
put stuffed animals around the living room, or rent some pets to make the house a petting zoo?


butterflutter said...

Wahhh menarik. Nanti share photos ya.

dott said...

if its animal theme, its a good idea to have mini zoo. i.e rabbit and even pony! oh how i wish i have a pony when i was small..

or snake? huhuh no snake pls..i'm so geli eee..

eiseai said...

butterflutter...dah gelabah ni actually. takut sangat, esp part caterer...

dot...i was thinking the same thing. but where to get the pony? rabbit tu i maybe pinjam from my neighbour. or get my sis punya cats ke...hahaha

eza said...

Tentu meriah suasana....Akak jgn lupa share pic yer.....

dott said...

nina, if i'm not mistaken any pet shop bagi "loan" their animals

if you go to balloon shop in PJ or bangsar they provide this service.


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