Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wish List

my at-times-can-be-quite-unrealistic wishlist. at the rate we're going, i doubt even one will come true (dont worry, none of that LV-shmevee and coach roach crap on my list - there's more to life people!!)

we seriously need to upgrade to a bigger, more spacious vehicle. there's a few that we like - m5, wish, grandis. i dont mind the R-class or estima or ipsum. what we'll probably end up with is a 3rd hand 1990s 7-seater.

while our house is more than ok for us, we would need to reorganise. the computer area should be the common tv area - so that the boys would not come and use our room as they wish. they also need to start using their room. i'm thinking of closing off the balcony area and the unutilised courtyard so give more space for the boys to run around.

i would love a laundry area and the perfect washer & dryer. that way i can always ensure clean clothes and empty laundry basket. the boys alone require 3-loads full a week, not including emergencies - diarrhea, vomitting, spilling, diaper-related accidents.

it would be out of this world to add d puncak houses to my list, wouldnt it...

i would love to have the whole thomas she-bang. the tracks and trains and traveling sets and utensils and bags and clothes and bedroom set...just about everything thomas there is. i dont know if they're for the boys or for me! i also would love to have another slide and a swing set, and a goal post and balls now that the boys love to have a kickabout every weekend.

i wish i can come home earlier to cook and prepare the house before the boys come home so that we dont have to rush every night. i also wish i have an extensive menu list so that the boys would have more choices of food.

i have always loved to bake. my sisters and i used to stay up late and bake. we would cookies, cakes, muffins. even our cats would help. i've not baked since i had the boys. amir is a chocolate chip 'cookie monster' and i would love to have an endless supply for him (and his mummy) at home.

and finally...
i wish for a nice family holiday in disneyworld and i wish even harder for a holiday in kampung london. and while i'm wishing, make it first class all the way please...


Being Normal said...

I have my own wish lists too; some what similar as yours especially the mpv and coming home early part, of course there's constraintswhich are currently endless, I'm trying to turn my house to my dream house, the cheaper version lah....

nae said...

I'd go for M5 first, disneyland second and d'puncak third :)

Dont think you need the courtyard though, since yours is a nice end lot unit.

mommamia said...

sally,the mpv part and the vacation part adalah sama ng i,jiwa meronta2 nih!i ada cerita behind my wishlist and dah terpkir nak blog bout it tp tak smpt2!will blog bout it later,by the way,the wishlists now are more for a living anak beranak rite,coach ka,LV ka, Fendi ka,sumer kasik pendam dulu,ntah bila nak jadik wish come true huhu

Ezalman said...

looking at your wish list (hope it's not your bucket list), cant help but smiling looking at your dream destination. hehe I really touched a nerve huh. I know how much you love England, and I'm sure you'll be visiting soon enough.janji nak berjumpa tak done langsung - we'e had to cancel all our appointments to see friends due to our heavy Ckn is on her way back to Sg Petani and Im on the way back up another river

p/s check out the honda stream (but dont buy first k - itu I chop dulu)

mazzura said...

banyaknya wishlist kak sally.. semua best2.kalau dah bertambah sorang lgi ni, nampaknya semua kene selesa kan..kena ada planning yang lebih besar lagi...anyway, congrats kak..

butterflutter said...

I've done with hse & car for now.

Currently wishing for nice things to happen on my 10th anniversary ;)

dott said...

Same wish list: I want MPV and a big house and a trip to disneyland Just hope by next year i can get those. Hmmm..

I pray that your wish come true... Amin

inda said...

kak js the r class is also in my wish list laa...hihihih

nzh1979 said...

wish utk ada laundry room tu sama aaa..
how i wish dpt sediakan laundry room bila pindah nanti..senang sket kan especially kalo ada itew dryer..jimat masa ;)


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