Friday, August 29, 2008

The Weekends Before...

the month before ramadhan is usually filled with activities. everyone wants to clear off their lists so that come ramadhan it will be less hectic. all our weekends in august were taken up by weddings, birthdays and gatherings.

the first weekend, we drove to lanchang for a wedding. going to weddings are something we dont do on a regular basis with 3 boys around. what more, a wedding outside KL. but this time, it was one of the boys' teachers in school who was getting married. it was a double celebration for the teacher and her sister, who also worked at the school. we went this time, hanging on to the knowledge that all the teachers from the school would be there.

thank god we were able to leave the boys with them while we ate. amir was especially confused seeing all his teachers and the abangs and kakaks from school there. ariff was passed from one teacher to another while asyraf constantly wore a frown on his face. we ended up staying almost 2 hours in lanchang.

mid august we had another wedding invitation. two of my colleagues tied the knot. this time around we didnt stay long, not even an hour. it was extremely hot and asyraf was even hotter. no pictures from the wedding but we took some before we went out.

then it was dotty's party for her son, aidan. dot chose football theme and changed her whole house to suit the theme. my hats off to her for all the hard work on the decoration, food and favours. (pictures were 'curik-ed from dot).

the boys came home with footballs and showed off their skills.

the month was capped with a potluck at work. almost 2 hours of good food, good company and good laughs.

this weekend we plan to stay home and relax. come monday it will be the start of the fasting month. looking forward to a peaceful and relaxing ramadhan.


Being Normal said...

Selamat menyambut ramadhan to you...good luck to both of us in juggling the schedule during this fasting month

watie said...

Happy 51st Merdeka day!!!!


Selamat Berpuasa !!!

Iswandi , Watie, Hani & Ichlas

dott said...

nina & co ..tq for coming despite it was raining.. hope the boys really enjoy themselves at the party.

The boys so good at playing football siap boleh drible kick.. and posing..huhuh

All the food looked so delicious esp the last photo the choc cake.. yummeh!

Selamat berpuasa!


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