Friday, August 29, 2008

The Weekends Before...

the month before ramadhan is usually filled with activities. everyone wants to clear off their lists so that come ramadhan it will be less hectic. all our weekends in august were taken up by weddings, birthdays and gatherings.

the first weekend, we drove to lanchang for a wedding. going to weddings are something we dont do on a regular basis with 3 boys around. what more, a wedding outside KL. but this time, it was one of the boys' teachers in school who was getting married. it was a double celebration for the teacher and her sister, who also worked at the school. we went this time, hanging on to the knowledge that all the teachers from the school would be there.

thank god we were able to leave the boys with them while we ate. amir was especially confused seeing all his teachers and the abangs and kakaks from school there. ariff was passed from one teacher to another while asyraf constantly wore a frown on his face. we ended up staying almost 2 hours in lanchang.

mid august we had another wedding invitation. two of my colleagues tied the knot. this time around we didnt stay long, not even an hour. it was extremely hot and asyraf was even hotter. no pictures from the wedding but we took some before we went out.

then it was dotty's party for her son, aidan. dot chose football theme and changed her whole house to suit the theme. my hats off to her for all the hard work on the decoration, food and favours. (pictures were 'curik-ed from dot).

the boys came home with footballs and showed off their skills.

the month was capped with a potluck at work. almost 2 hours of good food, good company and good laughs.

this weekend we plan to stay home and relax. come monday it will be the start of the fasting month. looking forward to a peaceful and relaxing ramadhan.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Conversations With Amir

on mummy's attire every friday
amir: mummy pigi mana?
mummy: pegi office lah
amir: napa mummy tak pakai baju ofis?
mummy: ni baju office lah
amir: ni bukan baju ofis, ni baju bangun saja

on his brothers
mummy: amir, kasik lah asyraf satu thomas
amir: tak boleh
mummy: kenapa?
amir: sebab asyraf notty sangat

mummy: amir, kasik ariff biskut satu
amir: tak boleh
mummy: kenapa? (thinking he would say ariff is too small)
amir: sebab ariff gomok

when he's locked outside
amir: mummy, mana amir nak bukak pintu?

on seeing traffic lights not facing the right way
amir: mana lights tu? mana amir nak tau

when he gets new things
amir: letak dalam bag, nanti hakim ambik

on seeing an adidas logo
amir: macam shoe asyraf saja

on seeing klcc
amir: so big, ofis mummy

on sizes
amir: asyraf small, amir big
daddy: daddy?
amir: daddy so high

Friday, August 15, 2008

And Baby Makes Six

the notes at the side spoilt my news. before i announced, the annoucement have been made for me. ah well...its ok, small matter.

anyway, it wasnt expected. i was on the pill until may. i missed a month and had my last period in june. i dont even know the exact date as i wasnt keeping track. missed pills got us eai number 4 (we're praying hard for another eai). i was about 4 days late when i bought the tester. hubby said it was a waste of $23, i think he thought i was just ate! i tested late at night, after a can of coke and yet the double line was as obvious as the sun.

so there...another one for the family. we were shocked...extremely shocked. hubby turned to ariff who was crawling on the mattress and started laughing. i was already thinking about a new car.

that was 2 weeks ago, today i had my first checkup. i missed my gynae, who i saw on a monthly basis since 2004 (bar 2005). she wasnt angry - she wasnt too happy when i showed up bearing the news of ariff last year. she said...its ok, you're still young. yeah right...i'm almost 33!

i told her i think i'm about 8 weeks along. she confirmed it when she scanned. we saw the baby's heartbeat. its no longer just a dot, the head and body has formed. my boys 'showed' themselves when they were 13 weeks old - and my gynae confirmed it at 17 weeks. so another 10 weeks before i'm at ease.

since i did my test on 31 july, hubby and i had a lot of talking and planning done. we are changing a few things and we're still keeping other things the same. the car needs to be upgraded, the tv needs to be moved outside but we'll still be maidless and the boys will still attend the same daycare (the teachers were the few first people who found out and they're seriously happy!)

so far, i'm reminded of myself when i was carrying amir. i'm eating a lot - just as i did 4 years ago. i have the occasional nauseas attack and i've thrown up a couple of times but all in all its ok. still energetic, still with appetitie, still not a fan of rice and noodles (be it mi, mihun or kuey teow). some things dont change, at least i know what to expect.

quite a lot of people are quick to go 'oh it must be a girl this time' when i say i threw up but i had throwing up session during my last 3 pregnancies. i'm not excluded from that. but i dont get all sickly and all lembiky. i go to the loo, i throw up, i wash my mouth and i can eat again. its ok...its no biggie...and it happened! so please spare the 'oh its different this time...' comments ye?

hubby and i have, at 10:08am today, decided on the baby's name. i had a whole list prepared but hubby narrowed my choices because he wanted not only an A but also an R in the first name to follow amir, asyraf and ariff. the I came to us earlier this week. ariff is also now known as 'abang adik' by me and i think hubby is slowly using that name too.

so here's to 32 weeks of bliss.

p/s amir, sorry...its not going to be baby afiq.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wish List

my at-times-can-be-quite-unrealistic wishlist. at the rate we're going, i doubt even one will come true (dont worry, none of that LV-shmevee and coach roach crap on my list - there's more to life people!!)

we seriously need to upgrade to a bigger, more spacious vehicle. there's a few that we like - m5, wish, grandis. i dont mind the R-class or estima or ipsum. what we'll probably end up with is a 3rd hand 1990s 7-seater.

while our house is more than ok for us, we would need to reorganise. the computer area should be the common tv area - so that the boys would not come and use our room as they wish. they also need to start using their room. i'm thinking of closing off the balcony area and the unutilised courtyard so give more space for the boys to run around.

i would love a laundry area and the perfect washer & dryer. that way i can always ensure clean clothes and empty laundry basket. the boys alone require 3-loads full a week, not including emergencies - diarrhea, vomitting, spilling, diaper-related accidents.

it would be out of this world to add d puncak houses to my list, wouldnt it...

i would love to have the whole thomas she-bang. the tracks and trains and traveling sets and utensils and bags and clothes and bedroom set...just about everything thomas there is. i dont know if they're for the boys or for me! i also would love to have another slide and a swing set, and a goal post and balls now that the boys love to have a kickabout every weekend.

i wish i can come home earlier to cook and prepare the house before the boys come home so that we dont have to rush every night. i also wish i have an extensive menu list so that the boys would have more choices of food.

i have always loved to bake. my sisters and i used to stay up late and bake. we would cookies, cakes, muffins. even our cats would help. i've not baked since i had the boys. amir is a chocolate chip 'cookie monster' and i would love to have an endless supply for him (and his mummy) at home.

and finally...
i wish for a nice family holiday in disneyworld and i wish even harder for a holiday in kampung london. and while i'm wishing, make it first class all the way please...


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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