Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That Little Moks

ariff...ariff...ariff (also known as iqhwan or bujang in school). we're lucky to be blessed with his easy going nature, his independence. ariff can be left alone while we do things, while we (still) focus on asyraf. ariff is easy to take care off that his teacher once said, she doesnt mind taking care of 5 ariffs.

before i get comments like 'oh you're so lucky' 'oh no wonder you can take care of three', let me claify that ariff is an easy baby only when he's 100% healthy. when he's down with flu or fever or cough, he is equivalent to 7 screaming sickly babies.

for the past week, ariff been having flu, cough, on and off fever. on top of that, he's teething. and that equals a baby who screams and shouts and cries and whines and would not sleep and would wake up every half an hour at night. i think, in the past 4 days, hubby and i have been getting only 5 hours sleep...combined! he cried so much that he's lost his voice. nothing we did soothed him. not carrying, not hugging, not cuddling, not patting his bum, not nasi, not susu, not the car rides, not anything...except for his bath.

his nose is constantly runny and in the morning is fully blocked. he's also got a blister on his nose from all the wiping and cleaning. he wakes up everytime he coughs at night...and how often does one cough. his drooling so bad the front of his shirt is soaked.

ariff being under the weather is more difficult to handle than asyraf. for asyraf it was like a momentum, a cycle that we're used to. for ariff it comes with a bang and it all comes at one time, not just the flu and fever and cough but also the reaction.

we're just waiting it to go away. i hope by next week this will all be just a nightmare we passed. we've got an appointment with dr azizi tomorrow and keeping our fingers crossed for bottles and bottles of medication.

ariff when he's ok...

ariff slowly getting sick and then completely under the weather. ariff, cepat lah baik. mummy tak larat dah ni...


Anonymous said...

huhuhuhu... tomei nyerr...
biler nak jumper uncle nih????

YusVogue said...

what ever he is..
ur mok moks still macho!!!
sgt geram tgk dia..

auntie inda said...

alahai kesiannye ariff..
cepat2 baik ye sayang..

Being Normal said...

get well soon my dear are still adorable!!

mommamia said...

get well soon ariff syg,jgn sakit lama sgt nnti berat turun tak moksmoks dah..

zie said...

if the teacher said she doesnt mind taking care of 5 ariffs..he must be truly a good boy..sayang lah mok nie..dan lah adorable, baik lak tu..time u preggy die mesti u kureng bad mood kan ina..hehehe..

dott said...

i also don't mind taking care of ariff! but i'm sure he has his momentskan.. When he was at my house, he was so easy going. He is a friendly baby and definately not a shy boy. With Ariff, i think i can just let him do his own thing and i can clean the house for hours. I hope Ariff can teach Adnan to be more independent. huhuhuh


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