Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That Little Moks

ariff...ariff...ariff (also known as iqhwan or bujang in school). we're lucky to be blessed with his easy going nature, his independence. ariff can be left alone while we do things, while we (still) focus on asyraf. ariff is easy to take care off that his teacher once said, she doesnt mind taking care of 5 ariffs.

before i get comments like 'oh you're so lucky' 'oh no wonder you can take care of three', let me claify that ariff is an easy baby only when he's 100% healthy. when he's down with flu or fever or cough, he is equivalent to 7 screaming sickly babies.

for the past week, ariff been having flu, cough, on and off fever. on top of that, he's teething. and that equals a baby who screams and shouts and cries and whines and would not sleep and would wake up every half an hour at night. i think, in the past 4 days, hubby and i have been getting only 5 hours sleep...combined! he cried so much that he's lost his voice. nothing we did soothed him. not carrying, not hugging, not cuddling, not patting his bum, not nasi, not susu, not the car rides, not anything...except for his bath.

his nose is constantly runny and in the morning is fully blocked. he's also got a blister on his nose from all the wiping and cleaning. he wakes up everytime he coughs at night...and how often does one cough. his drooling so bad the front of his shirt is soaked.

ariff being under the weather is more difficult to handle than asyraf. for asyraf it was like a momentum, a cycle that we're used to. for ariff it comes with a bang and it all comes at one time, not just the flu and fever and cough but also the reaction.

we're just waiting it to go away. i hope by next week this will all be just a nightmare we passed. we've got an appointment with dr azizi tomorrow and keeping our fingers crossed for bottles and bottles of medication.

ariff when he's ok...

ariff slowly getting sick and then completely under the weather. ariff, cepat lah baik. mummy tak larat dah ni...

Sunday, July 27, 2008


hubby took us to a new place on saturday. we've lived in shah alam for more than 3 years but we've never ventured into the taman budaya (is that what its called...i cant remember) nice place by the lake, over looking the wet world. across the lake was a big playground but we never made it that far - it was the wrong time. asyraf and ariff were napping in the car and i was thinking of cooking lunch. note to hubby - next time we go in the evening ye?

added a couple of new dishes to my list. on saturday i made sweet and sour fish (i cheated - i sought maggi's help). it complemented the oh-so-simple sawi goreng and the boys' chicken wings soup.

on sunday i finally made nasi lemak. i donno why i've never made it before, probably because i cant believe it would be as easy as they say it would. i kept thinking there must be a catch. i bet if i buat sure tak jadik one. but it really was easy and my nasi lemak tasted like nasi lemak. the other thing that stopped me from making was the sambal. i dont know how to make sambal. this time around it didnt turn out right - a bit too sour hubby said. i planned on making sambal udang but as i was cooking hubby said he wanted ikan bilis as well. so i divided my sambal base into two and made two sambals - udang and ikan bilis.

2 of my 3 boys were given new hairstyles. well, for asyraf its not so new but for ariff, its something different. the last time we shaved him bald was during my confinement. my confinement lady was a master at shaving a newborn's head. ariff's hair is not thick but its been growing at the back. he was absolutely wonderful at the barber, did not emit a single sound.

asyraf & ariff...before (ignore the flow of water everywhere, both are having flu and ariff is teething - 5th and 6th teeth are on the way)

asyraf & ariff...after

my three botaks

and a big thank you to watie for the cupcakes. 1 wasnt enough. happy anniversary!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

No More

after all this...

i'm happy, i'm contented and i'm done!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Busy Saturday

we started the day early. got the boys ready for an outing. as usual, an outing that was supposed to start at 9am started at 10am, even though the boys were ready by 745am.

we went to lake gardens to meet hafiz and his friend. havent been there for ages. due to the heat, hafiz suggested we stop after an hour.

then off to tssc's house for debt repayment. its rambutan favourite fruit. we left with 2 bags of rambutan and a little something from tssc's nursery.

had a quick lunch and then got the boys to go to bed.

we had dinner at dot's house for her hubby's birthday. kudos to dot for the wonderful spread and the yummy cake and the lovely door gift and especially the companion. hope the birthday boy had fun!


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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