Friday, June 20, 2008

While The Cat's Away...

the mice have a makan-makan.

we had a great selection of nasi lemak, 3 choices of sambal (ikan bilis, udang and sotong), spaghetti, sandwiches, kuihs, fruits, bubur kacang, ice cream, complete with teh tarik.

the bosses should have retreat more often eh?

went to mothercare during the friday long lunch. bought new teats for asyraf and ariff (i really need to encourage asyraf to use the spout - he bites!) and percy and duck for amir and asyraf (same colour so that they wont fight). also something for irsyad, who'll be having his birthday party tomorrow.

 about shopping, i bought this for myself last week. i've been telling hubby (i'm way past hinting) that i need a new purse but he has not bought one for me. i like the compartments. for all the mph and mcdonalds and toys r us card.


Anonymous said...

marah ler nie, I tak dapat invite pun for the nasi lemak party?!!

Being Normal said...

Fyi, the earlier anon comment was from me who forgot to sign in due to terasa emo tak dapat nasi lemak :(

Anonymous said...

Normal, sama la kita. ehehehe. siapalah kita, hidup pun di tingkat lain lain. mana sama kan, dia kan lagi tinggiiiiiiiii tingkatnya. hehehe.

tp wallet tu lawa. hehehe.


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