Thursday, June 05, 2008

Still On Holiday

after coming back from damai laut, we had a little over an hour to unpack, do the laundry and prepare the boys before our taxi arrived. we were off to kuala terengganu. this time it was hubby's working trip. he had to survey the venues of the 2008 sukma. the boys and i followed.

we were all tired from the 3 hour journey from lumut. asyraf was extra cranky on the plane. he missed his morning nap and it was way passed his afternoon nap. when we arrived at the hotel, the boys slept.

the next day, i was left alone with the boys while hubby went to do his rounds. luckily they slept for a couple of hours. i wish i could sleep as well but i cant sleep during the day.

hubby took us with him on tuesday. we went to the main stadium and we watched the gymnastics. then we took the boys to the beach. it was burning hot.

i went to pasar payang and got these. thanks to dot and salwa for their advise.

flight home was late that night, we got home nearly midnight. a little bit of unpacking and sorting the laundry. i sought help from the dry cleaners as i couldnt bear to do a week's load of dirty clothes.

p/s luckily the B was deposited when we were away. at least i didnt succumb to the need to spend unneccasirily.


Dot.Dot said...

Wow banyaknyer borong batik... huhu!! Bestnya cuti cuti Malaysia.
No pics at pasar payang ker?
i really like the photo yang kaki kaki jer tuu. Wonder those kakis belong to whom?

eiseai said...

dot...nak borong telekung cannot. didnt get the price i wanted. batik pun ok lah kan :)

pasar payang only 10 minutes there. masuk beli kluar...

itu kaki the mummy and the mokmok

Anonymous said...

makcik byk nyer kain batik u beli, u pakai ke?? ingatkan u mcm I tak reti pakai kain.. hehehe
anyway I nak privatekan blog I, nanti u kasik e-mail add ek

eiseai said...

hahaha maria...the kain batik & kain pelikat are for other people. mine was just the purple pink kain & syam punya the pelikat in the same photo. ish...i so tak reti pakai kain batik. borrowed my friend punya to wear after maternity. itupun only for 1-2 weeks, esp lepas urut.

ok...nanti i email my add. can either use my or my khazanah one.

ezrina said...

Wow bestnya gi T'gganu....
berkenan kat songket pink tu.. (i punya ke tu js?) hahahhahaha :D


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