Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Boys

its been ages since i blogged about my 3As. with 3 boys, its so important to note down everything they do since i dont want to have the memory of one cloud my memory of another. so what are they up to now...

amir is so lazy in school. he gets bored, according to cikgu sally. he's ok knowledge wise...he knows his ABCs and 123s and he knows his songs (in his own pelat language) and dance moves. all that's good but he gets bored when he's in class and would just stop learning. i've asked cikgu sally to be extra fierce with him. amir got no 9 in his last exams, 9 out of 16. sigh...not that we're worried or anything, i've seen his exam papers and we know how the scoring system is, so its no biggie. but the fact that he's lazy, that we're a bit worried.

amir has a wide vocabulary. more malay than english. his english is pretty limited to what we use at home, mainly stop, no, dont, please. he doesnt answer questions in english and he cant really understand instructions in english.

he's very choosy with his clothes. in school, amir's required to wear his uniform on mondays and wednesdays, his sports attire on tuesdays and thursdays and his baju melayu on fridays. more often than not, i see all these clothes left untouched in his bag. initially i thought cikgu sally doesnt change his clothes and he doesnt take his afternoon bath. then i found out amir doesnt like wearing those clothes. since he dresses himself after a bath, he would pick out his mickeys and poohs and 'baju lawa' and would reject those he doesnt like. hence no uniform, no trackbottoms and no oversized-baju melayus.

at home he would throw a tantrum if his pajamas is not up to his standard. and then daddy and mummy has to come up with a magical story about his pajamas and we would have to promise that the next night, he will wear something nice and 'lawa'.

tantrums and whining and crying is a norm for amir. if things doesnt go according to how he wants them to, he would scream and cry outloud, complete with 'takmo kawan...' and a raised fist. every night and every morning, there must be a crying session from him. for 3-4 weeks we had to endure amir crying from the moment we wake him up to the time he's in front of his daycare entrance. 20 minutes of crying, of 'tak nak school', of 'nak daddy'. i read in a magazine that at this age, a child is torn between being independent and hanging on to his parents. he wants to make decisions yet he wants to depend on his parents. so mar, its not pembawakan anak ok :)

amir fights with asyraf. not small fights but overblown pushing shoving throwing biting scratching fights. they would have new scrathes and bite marks everyday. the most recent is a bite mark right next to asyraf's eyebrow. of course fights are due to toys. amir must play with whatever toy asyraf has in his hands, it doesnt matter if its a new or old toy. whatever toy asyraf is playing with, amir must have it.

amir still sucks his 2 fingers. its gone to the point where the nails are soft and doesnt grow anymore. anyone got tips on how to stop!! he's gone for his 2nd dentist visit. despite the finger-sucking, alhamdulillah his teeth are ok.

asyraf bites! not just people...he also bites his bottle teats (cujie...sama kan?) money issue is one, safety is another. asyraf and ariff both uses the no4 teats (interchangeably) and on more than 1 occassion, ariff have been caught by sudden burst of milk from the leaking teats. we're getting him to use the spout now. we started way back when he was 6 months old but he rejected all the time. but now a mummy's gotta do what a mummy's gotta do...and that is force him. trial started 2 nights ago and for 2 nights he refused his bottle before going to sleep. he's also thrown his bottle out of the cot during his day naps. but today he finished a full 9-oz bottle, so we're hoping he'll get used to it soon. we need his teacher's help though. we'll tell them, if he refuse the bottle than dont give him milk. plain water will do. so he'll either take on the spout or stop his milk. either way is fine with is (although the latter is preferred).

asyraf has become more alert and more aware. he's taking in the cartoon characters, their songs, their actions. he loves einstein's 'pat pat pat' and tigger and pooh's 'think think think'. he knows songs from school, especially when amir sings. maybe he listens in when amir and his class learns new songs. he follows amir's actions and tones. amir's "abang long ada ni, haaa" is followed by asyraf's "na na naa haaaaaa"

we were watching a video of our gold coast trip when amir was about asyraf's current age. the main difference between the two of them is amir is more talkative, more confident with words, while asyraf is more polished in his movements. amir couldnt even nod or wave smoothly at that time but he talks non-stop. he was more expressive with and understood more words.

asyraf is more of an action person, doesnt say much but is strong, confident and brave. amir couldnt not step on the beach in awana kijal while asyraf ran head-first into the damai laut sea. due to that, asyraf has had more accidents than amir. he fell from the bed a couple of weeks back. not your ordinary falling off the bed incident, he fell head first. that soft 18 month old neck!
asyraf the my food taster. he would eat everything and anything with minimal effect. a contrast from him last year, when he could only eat plain nestum. he loves banana. he could eat 3-4 at one go. he gets the nickname cheeky monkey from his daddy. not only he loves banana, he loves hanging on to his carrier. when he's being carried, his carrier doesnt even have to hold him, asyraf would stick himself to his holder.

he loves to love. he would love with his cheek unless its ariff. he would kiss ariff with his mouth but other people he would give his cheek. asyraf has got the penyakit geram. if he sees ariff, he would run to hug and hold and kiss. he would go down on all fours to kiss ariff who is crawling. sometimes when the both of them are on the floor, it looks like they are actually twins.

my mr nice guy has turned into mr clingy. a baby who hates to be left alone, who would scream the house down if there's nobody in his sight. ariff also becomes mr hyde when someone gets a little too close to his nose. he absolutely hates his nose being wiped. he's the worst flu patient i've ever met.

ariff is a pro-crawler. he's slightly more relaxed than his elder brothers, taking his time with crawling and pulling himself to a standing position. he also doesnt crawl the way his elder brothers crawled - with one leg straight.

ariff is currently growing his third tooth. wonder what he'll be eating now. even with only 2 teeth he's eating rusk wonderfully. ariff is more like amir when it comes to milk consumption. he's doesnt drink much, before he sleeps he doestn even finish a 5oz bottle. he also doesnt look for milk the moment he opens his eyes in the morning, unlike asyraf. despite not drinking much, he still looks like a big round ball (his teachers call him sin chan)

ariff is true to his name. he is the baby both amir and asyraf adore and, unfortunately, fight over. if one hugs ariff, the other would run across the room to pull ariff away. both love playing peekaboo with ariff and would scream with delight when ariff laughes.

ariff is also mr smelly. his breath stinks! his clenched fist used to smell awful, now its his breath. you cant be too perfect, can you?

so thats my boys. we're not going to say we're stopping as it would have many different implications but we'll say, for now, 3 is enough.


acik said...

syok meh baca...ku pulak yg dok imagine diorang kat umah...hahaha

Nomee said...

Best giler dapat baca entry ni. All of you are amazing.

By the way, I have linked you URL in my blog. Hope you don't mind.

Being Normal said...

kids, even if you have 10 or 3, the character and personality will surely have differences, in most cases only mothers know. my 3 kids pun mcm2 hal, fights, screaming, yelling, sulking...smua cukup!!

Dot.Dot said...

Aidan is just like amir who doesn't want to share his toys. He would snatch the toys from Adnan and throw it away.. buka nnak main pun. he just doesn't want him to play. but once in awhile he will force Adnan to play with his toys. He will shove it to him until he'll takes it.

About gigit puting tuu, i have no advice. Aidan loves to bite until koyak. it cost around RM30. Every month i have to buy new ones. Both of them still on no 1. They don't like no 2,3 or 4.. don't know why.

Adnan is very clingly also.. Cannot be left alone at all. Yesterday his nanny had to go to the toilet, he cried like he was in pain. So she had to bring him to the toilet. What!!!???? Yuks!!! hahahah

If three is enuff for you, i think 2 boys is enuff for me. But i still want one more, a baby girl.

zie said...

reading about the boys, i am - afia has the combination of the 3 boys..ouch!Afia whines + cries + bites her dummy and bottle teats-i now thank GOD tak breast feed die dah..kalu tak adushhh..haha..afia is so clingy esp wif papa yg suka dukung2 + ambung2 her etc --> afia likes her nursery-and die ok jer tak choosy..ina..xm?? xm for a 4 year ol? eh wait amir lum 4 kan? erm..malaysia and its exam oriented version- u know what its like here kan ina, children before 9 kut, main2 jer kat sek. i notice sini is more into practical then memorising cam kiter-well anyway, sb amir kat mesia, so kena lah amir dpt no 1..hehehe-nt mummy tak beli thomas lg..hehe..and moksss..dah besar ahhhh..cayang moks!!

mommamia said...

sally,after reading this,i'm 99.9% confident dat it's not the case of pembawakan budak (err u 99.9% confident u tak pregnantkan?;p)

amir and iman irina dah sama la perangai tu,esp bab pilih baju and ckp tanak kawan mommy(then i dgn muka ceria akan ckp blk 'ok!it's fine with me!'then member trus sakit ati)ye lah sally,i thnk it is their stage of age mcm u ckp they want to b independent but at the same time they need guidance frm us parents,bunyi mcm mengalami krisis hormone imbalancekan,haih letih lyn kerenah diaorgkn,tp terhibur gak

bab hisap jari tu kan,kalu iman dulu hisap pacifier,i guntingkan aja puting tu then terus habit tu hilang,but amir punya case ni hmm mayb u boleh try ckp dirty ke or kt jari ada ulat blabla some sort like dat,ok tak?tak tau la budak sesmart amir akan percaya ke tak but u shud give it a try

overall,bila abis baca ni,perasaan i nak babyboy adalah sgt meluap2!esp after tgk gmbr sinchan tu..


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