Thursday, June 05, 2008

Family Retreat 2008

we were away for the company's annual family retreat. last year it was held at awana kijal, this year the venue was swiss garden damai laut. distance wise wasnt that far away but it was a bit secluded and we had to use the old trunk roads to get there. that made the journey extra long and boring since you cant speed.

the hotel is nice. disregard the lalat bit.

the retreat was for 4 days & 3 nights but we had to go a day earlier as i was part of the committee. i was also the gifts and prizes rep - challanging job, this is - getting all the names of the staff, their spouse and every single family member, ages, gender, shirt sizes. the i had to source for vendors (i did this with intan okay not the event management ye; terima kasih), then we had to choose the items (which was stressful trying to cater to each and everyone's taste, plus they asked why this item not included...they included last year - alaaa tukar-tukar lah sikit ish!), then negotiate a good price, view every single item, get tshirt samples and sizes, collate info from all the staff, distribute items accordingly. very tiring. my fellow committee members were wonderful...they helped out a lot especially when we had to prepare each and every goodie bag a day before everyone arrived (sorry again everyone for the boo boo made re the water tumbler)

the first day at the hotel was filled with meetings, briefings and prepare the goodie bags. hubby entertained the boys - moody and tired from the long trip.

everyone was scheduled to arrive in the late afternoon on the second day, so i took amir for a swim after breakfast. he swam for a while before falling under water. then its a big no-no to the pool from him.

activities for adult and children started on the 2nd day. it began with sandcastle competition for adult and tshirt painting and sand arts for children. amir was at the sand art place for a bit, interested more in the sand than the art.

then we took the boys to the beach. they played with the sand toys before asyraf went head first in to the sea. is that boy not scared of anything? i know he didnt get that from me...i'm terrified of open water. after the sea it was the pool. tropical-themed dinner was on that night.

organised for the day after was telematch for kids and adults as well as the funfair. they boys watched from afar. amir's mood was terrible and ariff flu was getting worse. asyraf relek je. hubby took the boys up early so they missed the funfair. after their nap, we took them to the beach. this was more relaxing, especially because ariff had so many carers...thanks you all (you silent readers you, nak letak gambar korang tapi takut kena marah lak...)

we left early on sunday. we had to get home by 1130am. we were off somewhere else that afternoon...


aisha said...

Akak, tiga2 pakai baju color merah yg sama? takder gambar kekanak tu bertiga ker? comel nyer... tp naper asyraf nampak sangat pendek akak? tp tetap comel..

Being Normal said...

i love the goody bag, good job to you and intan...

wah, itu zu sedang practise membina keluarga ker??

mommamia said...

i admire tgk ur kids duduk dlm car seat,behave ajer tgk,siap tido lg dlm tu..amir mmg abg long abis lah,mesti dia take care little bros dia 2 org tu kan..irina kalu kecik dulu nak la dia tido lm car seat,masuk umur 2thn dia menggelupur abis,sudahnya skang dah umur 3yrs+,dia nak i riba dia tido di dlm kereta,gosh..i sepatutnya bg dia adik awal2 dulu huhu..
seronoknya bercuti,good to see all the nice pics,tak dpt pergi sana,dpt tumpang tgk gmbr u jadik la ;)


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