Sunday, May 11, 2008


i planned to work this weekend, i was extremely excited about it. my weekend work is by far more exciting and more fulfilling than my weekday work. plus i have the cutest bosses.

this time, my colleague (aka hubby) and i went full force. we started very early (at 730am) and was done by midday. my hubby is an all or nothing person. most of the time, he's at the "nothing" level but when he's at the "all" level, he would do more than i expect. yesterday he went wall to wall, floor to ceiling. proud and surprised...that's how i feel.

we started by moving ariff's changing table from our room to the boys' room. ariff have been taking his bath in the boys' bathroom together with his abang long and abang. so its only natural that we move his changing table and clothes. i started to store all the smaller baby clothes (got a bit nostalgic doing that but three is enough we thinks).

with the changing table out of our room, i moved the cot away from our bed. after one and a half years...i finally get to step on the floor next to my side of the bed. i also moved amir and asyraf's mattress aside and let them have their own space.

then we vacuumed, mopped, cleaned and wiped all the bedrooms upstairs and all the rooms downstairs. hubby opened all the windows and door, vacuumed every inch of the window frame (this bit even i dont do), cleaned every sliding door.

it was so wonderful to see our house actually looking like a live-able place, even the outside looks clean. hubby said he wanted to drive out from the driveway and back in again just to have that "wowww" feeling. i think too much cleaning affected his head a wee bit...erk!

thank God one of our little pengacaus slept while we did our cleaning. one more played outside while the other happily entertained himself in the exersaucer. then he too fell asleep.

that night we went for a dinner at friday's for tisu's belated birthday. the sirloin was yummmms.

tiza hates this but dont they look like triplets? wish i had a photo of the three of them together...


Being Normal said...

Wah rajinnyer, look forward to moving to our new house, miss cleaning own house lah...what a good finale of the day with a good meal!

tiza said...

eh...where's my pix?
n i dont mean where u can only c my tudung...

NadiahKhair said...

oh god..i too love the smell and the sight of a clean house. tapi nak buat whole upside down cleaning sorang2 tuh yg i dreaded the most. tensi.

norm,huhuhuh..umah u lagi besarrrrr dari umah i..i cant imagine mcm mane nak clean up,..sure takes the whole village. :D

Mommy Aidan said...

From here pun I can smell that your house is super clean (over tak huhuh)..

you have a good and helpful colleague. wish my colleague as helpful as your. Bab cleaning nie he's very "hands off".. Suruh skit ur syam brain for my syam with the H.. hahahaha

mommamia said...

Wah!this is what we called 'mega project', atas bawah depan belakang abis sumer berkilat u kerjakan,salute to u n ur colleague!mesti rasa bestkan tgk rumah dah bersih n free of dust,rasa mcm hirup udara segar je kan,lama dah i takde feeling tu,tingkap i berabuk abis!huhu

zie said...

rajiiiiiiinn nya collegue u tu duk sapu rumah, bagus lah dpt collegue gitu, isk rumah i nie pun i serabut tau, u tau lah kat UK nie kan, floor carpeted, ces, tak kuasa tau i nk vacuum 24 jam, ada jer habuk die, i pelik tul, i bukannya duk tepi jalan besar..adushh..pening, i mmg lepas nie dah surrender ngan carpet,nk floor jer barely jer umah, sennag nk mop, sapu, cuci sumer..tu lah kan i wodner mana pi hero2 sumer, sennag ati jer u buat keje2 sumer..hehe..steak sungguh sedap..laopar perut i..hehe

eiseai said...

normal...tu lah. mmg we were waiting for the meal to end the day. even tho meal tu utk org lain...hehe pix lah. kan camera out of service. the current one byk pix with a sibuk hand buat sorang2. sometimes i get hubby to leave the house with the boys so that i have the house all to myself, i can blast the radio while i do work. then they come back, rumah lawaaaa je :)

dot...over lah tu can smell all the way from your house. have to pass 2 tolls tu :) haiyoo my syam without the H dah perasan over2 dah ni...

mar...tingkap i pun berhabuk. semalam hubby i ckp dia rasa nak sental all the window frames sbb penuh ngan handprints and fingerprints mamat2 yg suka jerit keluar tingkap...hahaha

zie...mmg lah, when i was studying pun i so totally malas nak hoover the floor. selalu tunggu cleaner, dah lah cleaner datang once a week. the rest of the week to kena lah live in dust. i pun dont live near main road (tinggal dlm campus lagi) entah mana the dust come from.
hero2 semua ada duty sendiri. yg main hero kena tido, if dia tak tido work wont go. another hero entertain diri dia kat luar & final hero yg terlampau baik layan diri dlm exersaucer. we all pun had to run like mad so that we can finish sebelum they get bored.

ezrina said...

hi dear...lama tak leave a comment at yr blog...

u know what..i always admirer your house.. :D


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