Wednesday, May 07, 2008

This Weekend

i'm so looking forward to this weekend.

i've got a few things scheduled - furniture moving, organising, cleaning, the general spring cleaning she-bang. i love spring cleaning, although mine comes by almost every season. this is the first time i dont have to keep going "babe, dont forget..." as hubby has his own cleaning scheduled planned as well. yeay...whole house exciting!!

i'm also looking forward to 1500gmt. the end of yet another season. i was reminiscing on my way to work this morning. i dont follow as religiously as i used to. i remember sitting in front of the telly from 12pm to 1130pm every saturday, watching the football focus and then the games and then the results and then the highlight and the best show on bbc1 at that time "match of the day". i loved the way the announcer said...if you dont want to know the score, look i get goosebumps the way he said...inverness caledonian thistle. those were the days.

anyway, we'll see how much goal difference would help this season.


Mommy Aidan said...

i remeber when i went to your house its was super clean,U dah tgk my house kan macam perahu pecah..haha at the moment, Aidan is at the stage where he loves to sepah speah kan his toys..huhuh

mommamia said...

where do u get all those energy sally?3 small boys,big house to maintain yet it still clean and tidy,how u do it laa..nak jadik mcm u jugak ni

Mrs Maya said...

kita patut tukar tv channels kan? hehehe.. i amik u punya channels, u amik mine.. tapi oops hafiz bengang plak nanti tapi i suka ;p


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