Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Shopper

i've got a new shopper in the house in the form of my hubby. grocery shopping used to be done by me alone or by hubby and me. we would find our own way, with me hunting for dry goods and hubby looking for wet groceries. hubby is better than me when it comes to choosing the freshest food. i just pick what looks ok lah to me. hubby would pinch and poke and twist the veggies and meat before deciding what to buy.

the past few weeks he's been buying our weekly groceries with amir, armed with a list i prepared. the first visit, he spent almost two hours in the supermarket that amir fell asleep. the second time, he was only supposed to go in and get 10 things and he came out with a trolley full of food.

not that i mind, it gives me a wider range of food to cook. his shopping trip ended with these on our dinner table.

grilled salmon & salad

originally just kebab became surf & turf when hubby brought back yummy prawns.

fish & salad

chicken rice

amir loved what he got too.

of course my entries wont be complete without my special ingredients...


Being Normal said...

U make me miss cooking in my own kitchen sooo much, tak sabar nak pindah rumah nie

Liasari said...

amboiii macam makan kenduri... lepas geramlah tu ;-)
btw ur bbq always looks yummy...
and amir can wash car too! macam big boy dah...
tembamnya ariff gerammm tgk bum bum dia,...hehe

aisha said...

akak... nyum nyum.. meleleh air liur saya tgk food akak tuh.. len kali paste la skali dgn recipe nye.. leh gak try cuba test... awat ramping sgt amir tu akak? pakai baju tak nampak sgt.. and muk muk sgt cheeky the face..

Anonymous said...

makcik.. i pun nak buatlah entry pasal makan-makan.. hehehe.. banyak nyer masak, semua satu hari ke? kata nak lawan saper kurus dulu? hehehe

Dot.Dot said...

I love salmon! My fav! sedapnyer.. meleleh i tengok..

Seldom i asked hubs to go shopping, if i give him a list what to buy, let say 10 items, he will get only 7/8 items. So i prefer to do it myself. hahaha!!

Adnan pun dah bum-bum macam ariff..huhuh i like!

mock said...

"hubby would pinch and poke and twist the veggies and meat before deciding what to buy"

padan la i gi supermarket selalu dapat the penyek items...ada org dah buat kacau dulu...

ezrina said...

sedapnya semua menu tu... bila la nak merasa masakan Puan sally nih.. :D


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