Friday, May 02, 2008

Overnight Trip

i extended the stay at bukit tinggi after a workshop. the boys came over on wednesday for an overnight holiday.

after dinner on wednesday. the boys didnt want to leave the playroom.

we walked the whole colmar tropicale till the boys knocked out.

some view of the place. we were so engrossed with pictures of the boys, we didnt take much of the place itself.

all in all it was a nice getaway. not too far from home. my boys.


inda said...

sumer sgt chumelll...bestnyer holiday..cant wait for our holiday to come!!! hihihih..

Being Normal said...

thanks for the review...that place sejuk tak

Liasari said...

woweee so u've been away & been busy ye? ;-)
the boys nampak have fun betul & lots of pics.
hubby ajak pi holiday tp x tau nak pi mana. bukit tinggi nampak menarik hmm...
btw, mummy nampak mcm dah lost a few kilos jer ;-)

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

wah .. gi bkt tinggiii .. seronk nmp mereka bertiga tue ... cantik2 gmbr ;-)

Acik said...

phewwiittttt...kak sally mmg rawk la.....tengok la rambut tuh..mmg terpacak. i loikeeeeeee :)

cute giler bebudak bertiga tuh....especially si macho asyraf...wink wink ;)


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