Friday, May 23, 2008


the B issue have been the main (if not the only) topic of conversation the past month. its stressful waiting for the letter, asking here and there...when is it coming. this time last year, my B have all been happily spent.

i've got so many things planned from this year's B. i doubt my B is enough to cover everything i list. first of all, i'd like to introduce my evo to a pair of scissors. dear evo, you've helped a lot but its time to say goodbye. then i have to open my locked-away cheque book, i owe tssc big time.

with my hutangs out of the way, its time to plan ariff's cukur jambul. i just hope there's enough for the lembu and the caterer and the tent and the bunga telur. i have a feeling that will take up quite a big chunck of my B.

should there be anymore, which i highly doubt seeing that i'm paid peanuts, i plan to buy some of ariff's birthday favours, buy new bottles & teats for ariff and get clothes for the boys (brands outlet je). i also need to pay mr marks and mr sparks a visit, to get new swimming shorts for my little mok mok who cant fit abang long's hand-me-down. oh please let there be some more left.

once we get the B letter, i bet everyone will be asking where is the L...


Being Normal said...

i am also looking forward for the b..for 2 reasons, one to spend!! and two so that i can get everyone off my back with the question, biler b nak dapat nie..and don't believe me when i say i don't know :(

Dot.Dot said...

B? Instead of receiving B i have to give B.
Wish i have B. I'm thinking of leaving legal practice and work for a big company and or for Govt. I heard Govt's B is really good.

Are we still talking about the same B?

nae said...

Bestnyer....i'm supposed to receive some B in USD too but...sampai sekarang tak de khabar berita. Isk..suspense jek. Been mentally spending it anyway :D


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