Tuesday, May 27, 2008

B For Us

finally got the letter. alhamdulillah. B came with a P. an unexpected P that i hope will not change what i'm currently doing as i like what i'm currently doing.

B + P will help me settle some of my plans. evo will go, tssc will be paid, ariff's aqiqah will go ahead. no leftovers but i'm just happy i have no more hutangs.

alhamdulillah. thank you. this is all for my heroes...all 4 of them.


Anonymous said...


i hope the benefit of B and P does not give you more excuses to go to mothercare, parkson and marks and spencer.


-D's kuli-

phira@mommysofea said...

kak sally, congratulation;-)

kombat said...

hooray..hooray!! :D

azie said...


Being Normal said...

congrats sally, so happy when i read the annoucement, you certainly deserve this

shiemz said...

congrate kak sally~! hureyy~!

mommamia said...

bonus and promotion?wah!!!congrats fren,alhamdulillah..rezeki anak2 ni

zie said...

Memula baca nie, i dont have a clue what is B and P, cuma nya i know its sumthing good about work, bila baca one of the peeps yg komen, baru tau its bonus and promotion :)

Congrates ina!!

p/s remembering how my sis, bro and i use to call Kak Wan for One Utama and Pak San for parkson- hehe

NadiahKhair said...

COngratulations on ur B and P babe.. you totally deserve it!!
eh, evo mane mau pi? ambik HS ke? :p

shuzana said...

kak sally..congrats ek..rezeki anak2..alhamdulillah

Mrs Maya said...

makcik congrats!!! Balik nanti boleh lah u belanja.. hohoho


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