Tuesday, May 27, 2008

B For Us

finally got the letter. alhamdulillah. B came with a P. an unexpected P that i hope will not change what i'm currently doing as i like what i'm currently doing.

B + P will help me settle some of my plans. evo will go, tssc will be paid, ariff's aqiqah will go ahead. no leftovers but i'm just happy i have no more hutangs.

alhamdulillah. thank you. this is all for my heroes...all 4 of them.

Friday, May 23, 2008


the B issue have been the main (if not the only) topic of conversation the past month. its stressful waiting for the letter, asking here and there...when is it coming. this time last year, my B have all been happily spent.

i've got so many things planned from this year's B. i doubt my B is enough to cover everything i list. first of all, i'd like to introduce my evo to a pair of scissors. dear evo, you've helped a lot but its time to say goodbye. then i have to open my locked-away cheque book, i owe tssc big time.

with my hutangs out of the way, its time to plan ariff's cukur jambul. i just hope there's enough for the lembu and the caterer and the tent and the bunga telur. i have a feeling that will take up quite a big chunck of my B.

should there be anymore, which i highly doubt seeing that i'm paid peanuts, i plan to buy some of ariff's birthday favours, buy new bottles & teats for ariff and get clothes for the boys (brands outlet je). i also need to pay mr marks and mr sparks a visit, to get new swimming shorts for my little mok mok who cant fit abang long's hand-me-down. oh please let there be some more left.

once we get the B letter, i bet everyone will be asking where is the L...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Shopper

i've got a new shopper in the house in the form of my hubby. grocery shopping used to be done by me alone or by hubby and me. we would find our own way, with me hunting for dry goods and hubby looking for wet groceries. hubby is better than me when it comes to choosing the freshest food. i just pick what looks ok lah to me. hubby would pinch and poke and twist the veggies and meat before deciding what to buy.

the past few weeks he's been buying our weekly groceries with amir, armed with a list i prepared. the first visit, he spent almost two hours in the supermarket that amir fell asleep. the second time, he was only supposed to go in and get 10 things and he came out with a trolley full of food.

not that i mind, it gives me a wider range of food to cook. his shopping trip ended with these on our dinner table.

grilled salmon & salad

originally just kebab became surf & turf when hubby brought back yummy prawns.

fish & salad

chicken rice

amir loved what he got too.

of course my entries wont be complete without my special ingredients...

Sunday, May 11, 2008


i planned to work this weekend, i was extremely excited about it. my weekend work is by far more exciting and more fulfilling than my weekday work. plus i have the cutest bosses.

this time, my colleague (aka hubby) and i went full force. we started very early (at 730am) and was done by midday. my hubby is an all or nothing person. most of the time, he's at the "nothing" level but when he's at the "all" level, he would do more than i expect. yesterday he went wall to wall, floor to ceiling. proud and surprised...that's how i feel.

we started by moving ariff's changing table from our room to the boys' room. ariff have been taking his bath in the boys' bathroom together with his abang long and abang. so its only natural that we move his changing table and clothes. i started to store all the smaller baby clothes (got a bit nostalgic doing that but three is enough we thinks).

with the changing table out of our room, i moved the cot away from our bed. after one and a half years...i finally get to step on the floor next to my side of the bed. i also moved amir and asyraf's mattress aside and let them have their own space.

then we vacuumed, mopped, cleaned and wiped all the bedrooms upstairs and all the rooms downstairs. hubby opened all the windows and door, vacuumed every inch of the window frame (this bit even i dont do), cleaned every sliding door.

it was so wonderful to see our house actually looking like a live-able place, even the outside looks clean. hubby said he wanted to drive out from the driveway and back in again just to have that "wowww" feeling. i think too much cleaning affected his head a wee bit...erk!

thank God one of our little pengacaus slept while we did our cleaning. one more played outside while the other happily entertained himself in the exersaucer. then he too fell asleep.

that night we went for a dinner at friday's for tisu's belated birthday. the sirloin was yummmms.

tiza hates this but dont they look like triplets? wish i had a photo of the three of them together...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

This Weekend

i'm so looking forward to this weekend.

i've got a few things scheduled - furniture moving, organising, cleaning, the general spring cleaning she-bang. i love spring cleaning, although mine comes by almost every season. this is the first time i dont have to keep going "babe, dont forget..." as hubby has his own cleaning scheduled planned as well. yeay...whole house exciting!!

i'm also looking forward to 1500gmt. the end of yet another season. i was reminiscing on my way to work this morning. i dont follow as religiously as i used to. i remember sitting in front of the telly from 12pm to 1130pm every saturday, watching the football focus and then the games and then the results and then the highlight and the best show on bbc1 at that time "match of the day". i loved the way the announcer said...if you dont want to know the score, look i get goosebumps the way he said...inverness caledonian thistle. those were the days.

anyway, we'll see how much goal difference would help this season.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Makan-Makan Part I

after countless times of planning, cancelling, re-scheduling, cancel again, we finally had our first session. the venue was muhibbah in taman tun. next one...mana pulak?

pictures courtesy of aak.


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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