Sunday, April 06, 2008

Weekend Pictures

it was a sunny, healthy weekend. did a bit of laundry, cooked a bit of food. hubby (the photographer wannabe - dia jeles kat mock tu) took loads of photos.




NaeNawawi said...

glad to see the three boys up and about, and snacking on mommy's bed :)

Liasari said...

en isyam is experimenting with his camera? alhamdulillah ur boys sihat... ariff i think yg paling mok antara 3

Being Normal said...

ariff look sooooo cute...

u are such a nice mommy, my better half would never allow the kids to eat in the room let alone on the bed, that's a big no no!!

eiseai said...

nae / normal - the boys are on the floor, not on the bed :) nope, we dont allow them to eat in our room but hubby brought them in to take photos. that was before the shrilly scream of the mummy was heard.

lia - hahaha...itu camera lama, baru learning new tricks.

zie said...

sungguh mock betul lah ariff- geram d max- i guess the boys dah feeling much better, sedapnya tgk die org makan roti krim ker tu ek??lamanya tak makan roti krim..:)Gelak i tgk amir in action time kat sepital tu, ada lak aksi superman atas katil lah..haha-kids kan they wont know when to stop, rasa relief skit, loncat2 lah, kiter yg risau yr bro man u fan gak?

Anonymous said...

hi...i've been silent reader kat ur blog for the last few months. seronok baca. suka tgk ur 3 heroes they are so adorable. my son sebaya dgn ariff tua my son sebulan :). mok pun lebih kurang sekarang dia dah 9kg. - mimi

kombat said...

dina suka gambar ariff#1 :D

nzh1979 said... nye 3boys ni mesraaaaa..ehehe
ariff bum bum...make sure you maintain ur milk n eat more..ehehe..auntie ske tengok ariff maintain mok mok..ekekke

aduss..cair la tengok mata asyraf nih..

Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

You are right.. Ariff is so chubbilious! Adnan pun piling up few weights lately since his is now on 3 meals a day.

Hey, why laa tak inform Amir was hospitalised. I was at DSH there visiting my friend who just gave birth.

anyway glad that he is better now.

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

saya sgt suka aksi ariff senyum panjang tue ........ ariff ni murah senyumlah .... ;-)


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