Friday, April 04, 2008

The Surprise For The Boys

we didnt want to let amir know earlier on. we talked about the show last year and we didnt go. we talked about the plane ride and we didnt go.

at the very last minute hubby got some tickets. we didnt tell amir, we wanted to surprise him.

on the way amir kept asking...pigi mana? we replied...surprise. and he'd go...oooohhhhh.

we got the tickets at the counter.

amir sat in the middle while i took ariff (since we were both not well) and hubby took asyraf.

the boys' idol...mickey mouse himself!

other characters at the show...101 dalmations, ariel & flounder, peter pan and captain hook and lilo & stitch.

during intermission...very tired me with sleeping ariff and asyraf who wanted to escape. amir showing off his $25 popcorn.


aisha said...

Alahai.. sronot nyer the boys.. tp asyraf dah pandai menikmati live show macam tu ke akak? mesti amir happy tak terhingga kan?

syerah said...

bestnya dpt tgk mickey:)

eza said...

akak bestnyer bawa anak2 tengok mickey & freinds....anak2 saya pon asyik dok tanya bila nk tengok...bila nk tengok....

nzh1979 said...

wow..mummy buat suprise yaa..
best kan disney on ice..
teringin nak bawak arif..tapi now dia still tak fahma kot..pastu tak reti dok diam..huhu


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