Saturday, April 12, 2008

Of Trains And Colours

"thomas...he's the cheeky one"

in amir's simple eyes, he's thomas. he's the one in charge, he's the one in the front line, he's the leader (that's why he's also mickey mouse and harry potter). he always has something nice to say to everyone, he's the one who protects everyone (like thomas did in percy and the spaceship). he's also anything that's blue. if there's a character in blue, its amir. if there's a blue car, its amir. how cheeky is this...

asyraf is obviously thomas' best friend, percy. asyraf is like percy, very protective of his things (like when harold was asked to deliver mails), he hates people disturbing him (like when he pulled cranky the crane). anything green, amir would associate with asyraf. even when he's watching the show, he would act as though they really are the trains. if percy gets into trouble, amir would say...percy asyraf ni!!

ariff gets to be james by default. there's no similarities between him and the train yet, but we're keeping our eyes open. i just hope he doesnt follow the " vain" but has the "lots of fun." amir gets a bit confused watching cars, though. hubby used to be lightning mcqueen. now that ariff's the red train, he cant decide whether lightning is hubby or ariff.

the colour of the trains makes my job easy. anything for amir is blue, asyraf is green, ariff is red. so far most of their towels follow the colours, clothes and their tumblers as well. soon it will be laundry baskets (so that each will be responsible for their own clothes), comforters, school bags.

on a totally non-related issue, my menu for the weekend...

footnote - to amir, henry is tiza, edward is tisu and gordon (amir calls him gon) is pappy. pappy cos gordon "thunders down the line..."


shu said...

salam kak sally..lately ni shu slalu singgah blog kak sally..besh baca blog2 kak sally..anak shu si ammar yg baya asyraf blom tumbuh gg geraham lagi..asyraf 2 2 kat bawah dh tumbuh ek..ammar shu pun suke thomas..leka tol kalau dpt tgk thomas

Being Normal said...

eiseai, takkan tunjuk je menu, nak ler the recipe..
my kids not into thomas, maybe because they are already into their teenage years, remaja lah katakan

maR said...

As always, your kids look so comel and healthy!
And yes, mana recipenya?

Anonymous said...

your kids are so adorable! hats off to juggling all of them and working full time.

mommamia said...

Aha!so now u have ur own 'thomas n frens' team!amir tu mmg i caya dia thomas,he resembles the character very well,esp the leadership part n the cheeky part-and sally it's soo cool when u boleh matchkan the boy's stuff with colors and doubt la u mmg pandai with all this planning skil,i betul2 suka ur idea,nak tiru la nnti boleh yek hihi ;)

Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

Assalamualaikum Amir.. cute jer yer.. hehehe

I'm afraid to introduce Thomas to Aidan.. kot kot dia demand nak thomas train...

Btw food looked delicious, boleh jamu we all .. keh!keh!


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