Monday, April 14, 2008

In My Kitchen

1995 was a stressful year. i had to cook. i had to cook for 6 housemates (all of whom are seasoned chefs - kan eti kan) and i had to do it every week. it was embarassing...i couldnt even fry an egg. it took me 2 hours to make 2 simple dishes. so very the malu!

now, 13 years on, i can safely say i'm doing ok in the kitchen. i'm not a great cook, hubby calls me a good cook. but "good cook" is subjective. good for hubby because i cook what we like to eat. it may not be everyone's cup of tea but we (that's hubby, me and the boys) enjoy what i cook.

i cringe when people ask me for recipes. why? because it may not be nice and people would tak sedap pun. that's what happens when i only cater for our taste. my food have to be extra masam to suit hubby, extra salty to suit him, absolutely not hot at all to suit me and slightly on the sweet side for me.

the steak i made recently, for example, contained so much vinegar it may turn all the 'tom, dick and harry's off but hubby loves it.

my lauks may get the gasps for being too black (i love masak kicap), too bland and having no colour (i hate chillis and sambals) but we love them.

i dont think i've ever served anyone my cooking. well, no one except for mock and maya. man man and ckn had the pleasure of tasting my lauk sometime back. that's about it.

so to all who asked for recipes, here they are. make them and eat them with a word of caution from me...kalau tak sedap, sorry haa. ni suitable untuk eiseai je.

marinade the beef with olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, oregano, basil. leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours. put in the oven for 15 minutes 1 side, turn and leave for another 10 minutes.

shephard's pie
boil skinned potatoes. mash with butter and salt.
sautee diced onion.
put in minced meat, diced capsicum and carrots.
let water from the meat flow out. cornflour can be added to make it less watery.
season with salt, pepper, oregano, basil.
put the meat mixture in a baking tray and top with the mashed potato.
bake till the top is brown.

chicken chop
coat chicken with egg, then breadcrumbs.
put in deep fryer (wonderful invention this is)

baked chicken wings
marinade chicken wings with barbeque sauce for 2 hours. marinade together with sliced potatoes. bake in oven.

i wont put our normal masak kicaps, masak lemaks, tumis airs because everyone can make them.


Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

taste bud nie subjective.. i love vinegar..the more the better.

I love to cook western but since hubs is so"melayu" mesti ade nasi +lauk melayu, i hardly cook western. But looking at ur steak it looks so juicy and tender.

One thin i have in common with hubs pasal food, it has to be extraordinary spicy and pedaaassss....

Anonymous said...

makcik, apa benda ntah yg u masak dulu? tapi so yummy. Ari tu I nampak Jamie Oliver pun ada bake something like that. Letak la recipe please.. hehehehe

Syikeen Pfordten said...

I still remember your delicious sambal udang masa we went for buka puasa in 2005. Was it buka puasa ke?? Whatever it is, it is Sambal Udang.

Being Normal said...

dapat pun the steak recipe, thanks so much. can try this weekend

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

sy respect ngn kak sally dar zero to superb la .. teror msk western tu ni pun terhegeh2 gaks .. reti mskan melayu yg biasa2 jer.. kak sally tempek ler resepi ... ;-)

Liasari said...

yup selera masing2 mmg takkan sama 100%. apa yg sedap pd kita blom ttu sedap pd org lain. but i love to try resipi org and wud adjust to my taste. and thank you for posting sheperd's pie recipe coz i always wanted to try it sometime... hehe sometime tu bunyi nye mcm lambat je lagi, yeah we had too much meat this week so anthing meaty will have to wait for another week. when the time comes i'll definitely check out your entry again.
and your mexican baked eggs w/pun i tak pernah rasa tp sentiasa terbayang2 depan mata!

nkarim said...

apa pulak????

he!he!he! I still remember your 1st try at making bubur kacang hitam though, sedap je!!!

Zie said...

so u started early then me in the u tercampak kat choice..hahaha..i started fully year 2000 tau, dah tua giler, first time duk rumah sewa, time i buat my Masters, terloncat2 goreng ayam, gelak gile hmate i..that time kalu leh buat chicken curry bangga gila..hahahahhahaha..then the skill improves a lot time duk sini lah kut, no choice maaaa..sumer kena buat..hehe except siang ikan-haha..i still surrender, my parents still doubt i could 'cook'- my dad suka buat lawak ' goreng2 telur dah ler..geeezzzz..hahahha..shepard pie best larr, kena try nie!


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