Thursday, April 17, 2008


after 3 years and a bit, after trying to turn a deaf ear, after avoiding him and the question, finally...tssc admitted that we were right. we were right in not taking in a maid. his statement caught me totally off guard and i just smiled, i couldnt reply. he said..."you did the right thing, now i agree with you." well well well...finally!

hubby said that maybe because even though we have no maid, the boys are healthy (with the occasional bouts of flu & cough), happy, clean, well-maintained (if there's such a word), well-fed, well-slept. maybe he saw that we are both committed to our 'no maid' stand.

whatever brought up the agreement from him, i just thank God.

syerah gave birth yesterday. finally. she's been waiting for the longest time. i think she feels like the last few weeks have been dragging on. i dont know how many bathrooms she can wash.

to syerah & en senol...congratulations on baby lana. she is a cute as her name.


eyzzah said...

Comel nye baby Syerah.

nOLie said...

heheh finally tssc mengalah jugak ek...sometimes orang tua neih diorang tak percaya kat kita..sebab they thought we just too young to handle kena buktikan...kita bolehhh!! ehhehe..

Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

Good for you! I still don't know what's your secret (without no help from a maid)...taking care of 3 kids. Hmm may be you have the "I" (not with the H)factor kot.. hehehe

I wish my dad still around to sponsor2 more maids to help me.. keh keh keh!

Being Normal said...

my dad also agrees with my decision not having a maid after spending 3 years arguing with him, alhamdulilah, we managed and now that the kids are all schooling, it is much easier than before...


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