Sunday, March 16, 2008

Something New

new toys and new phrase
we got amir (and asyraf) thomas and percy using parkson vouchers. amir has been playing with all 4 non-stop. he's got himself a new phrase that he repeats all the time while playing. "thank you thomas, cries percy" in the exact same tone the narrator uses. next up is james for ariff. i also want to get the sodor mat for him to play the trains on. for now, amir has settled with quarter of the track asyraf got for his birthday.

new skills
amir is now almost fully toilet trained. he gets a star everytime he goes potty and soon he'll be getting a certificate. i took him for a haircut last weekend. he looks slightly better now.

asyraf can climb up to our bed.

ariff has pushed his chest up and can shuffle around on his tummy. he's also been lifting his head up while on his back. sitting up and crawling is the next stage, i think.

new food
we're getting better at managing our time and nightly chores. we can now make time for a quick dinner at home (either take away or dinner from the tupperware). i make soup for the boys on sundays and heat it up with rice once we get home from work. i didnt realise they eat a heck of a lot.


syerah said...

sy sungguh sebak tgk anak2 anda sudah makin membesar..ekekeke..ariff..ariff..sgt comel:)

princess kittie said...

amir is nekkid

zie said...

acoooooo itu gambar budak tecit amir sunggu sensor dot dot dot- wahh u dapat cert lg amir- i wonder how he gonan react when he sees it another 20 years..hahaha- nursery die ker yg kasi tuh ina? the boys suker thomas ek..u have got to bring them here- coz sini Thomas Land baru jerk bukak 2-3 hari nie kat drayton manor staffordshire -mesti die org tak mo blk- si kenit ariff getting more bam bam each time i tgk- acooo gerammmmm!

kombat said...

tolong la amir.. tolong jgn buat muka cute gitu!!

ariff big boy!!!!!

Anonymous said...


saya bkn saja sebak tapi dah nak menitik air mata ni tgk ayip saya dah pandai angkat pale.comel sungguh!!!...

ayip..i lap u..

shiemz said...

wa..kejap je mase dah berlalu ye kak sally..dah besar dah mamat2 nie sumer... kak sally, next year camne? on lagik ker... wekekeke

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

kak sally suka tgk ur style bg bintang & certificate utk amir tue .. harus diikut ni... mak ai asyraf bleh panjat turun katil dah .. arif tgk je dr atas katil dlm hati dia "tgklah nanti aku pulak buat cam tu " he.he..he...


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