Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rumah Sakit Part II

i think it was about this time last year that rumah sakit part I came out. it was worse the first time around as it hit me, hubby, amir, asyraf and the unknown being who quietly locked herself in my house, otherwise known as tiza.

this time, it hit only the boys. ariff had very high temperature on tuesday. it was quite bad that hubby drove to the nearby clinic at 430am thinking it was open. unfortunately it wasnt and we were finishing our stock of paracetamol. thank God, it was enough to last the day and we went to the clinic again after work.

this is the 2nd time ariff's been sick and for the second time, the doctor suspected chicken pox. he had red spots on his face and according to the doctor the virus is going around. this time, i was prepared. but alhamdulillah it wasnt what the doctor suspected and by thursday, his fever had gone away. it left him with the sniffles, although not as bad as the one he previously had.

as ariff's fever started to wane, asyraf's teacher sms-ed me saying asyraf felt very hot. when we got home, we checked - he's temperature was 39.5c. hubby gave him voltaren and his temperature quickly went down.

on friday i monitored asyraf. but he looked and felt fine. shortly after lunch amir complained he had stomach ache. before he finished talking, he threw up all he ate. he looked shocked, i looked shocked. okay...where did that come from?

the was just the beginning. he continued to throw up again and again until everything was out of his stomach. he asked for cold water and threw that up as well. it became a vicious cycle for him, drinking water and throwing up. he threw up nothing but water until 645am this morning. i counted, it was almost 15 times. he had diarrhea as well.

come morning amir was all skin and bones, his lips were dry and he was just laying down on the bed. he refused soup, he refused rice, he just wanted cold water and dry corn flakes. i wanted to admit him to dsh but hubby wanted to see the outcome of the medication he got the the clinic first.

amir fell asleep after we gave him his bath, maybe because he wasnt sleeping well last night plus he was tired from the throwing up. ariff slept the whole morning as he was still taking his flu meds, which makes him drowsy. so my "usually not well" mat bum bum was extremely hyper and extremely bored running around by himself, with no abang long to disturb. he even climbed on the bed to wake ariff up.

because of the throwing up, my first half of the weekend is filled with 3 loads of laundry and a round of mopping. we also had to give irina's birthday a miss. so sad...i'd love to see her again, she's just so cute.


syerah said...

amir,harap cpt sehat ye amir.auntie pon kesian tgk amir:(:(

tak tahan tgk muka si asyraf .adeh..kemain yerk die x de org kaco:P

mrika said...

oh dear ... hope your boys get well soon.

Being Normal said...

Ala ciannyer amir, it is so upseting when your kids whom always playing around suddenly just want to do nothing but lie down...hope amir will be better, kesian asyraff tak de sparing partner

Anonymous said...

alah kesian nyer.. i yg dah tua ni pun benci bila kena diarrhea and muntah2,tak tahan sakit.. lagi plak budak kecik umur 3 thn.. hopefully he'll get better soon.. dah cuba pil chi kit teck aun? i selalu makan tu tapi if dah mkn doc punya presciption med ok kot.. makan byk2 ubat pun lagi teruk


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