Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pain & Joy

if there was one thing guests to our house would comment, it would be...tinggi nya tangga. yup we have a very long staircase. there's no landing, it goes up and up and up. tssc once said, sapa jatuh ni...tiada maaf bagimu. so far, alhamdulillah, we survived our staircase. we can bring down 2 boys at a time, we can bring up 2 boys at a time, we can bring our laundry basket and a boy, we can bring up 3 daycare bags, i can bring down my huge tummy and a boy.

i was horrified to find out that, during asyraf's birthday, iman (nad's son) went all the way up my staircase unattended. if something had happened to him (nauzibillah), i dont know how i would react.

but yesterday, our worst fear became a reality. hubby was carrying both asyraf and ariff up the stairs. amir followed, his arms hugging a container of cereal, as usual refusing to hold on to the railings. i was at the foot of the stairs, sorting out the laundry. it happened in a blink of an eye. one minute amir was saying he wanted to eat, the next, he was rolling down the stairs. hubby screamed, i screamed.

i ran up the stairs, stopped amir after 10 steps (he fell down 10 steps!!). quickly held him in my arms and felt for bruises. his heart was beating so fast. he kept repeating, "amir pusin, amir pusin." he didnt cry, too shocked i think. hubby put down both boys, took amir and put the cold pack on his head.

i can replay what happened thousands of times and i get goosebumps every single time. please god, let that be the one and only time we have to experience that.

this morning amir's bump wasnt visible anymore. instead it was asyraf who had a huge 'egg' on his head. where did that come from?

our pain turned into joy today. i had a note from the poslaju postman. we went to pick up our parcel in the morning. on the parcel was written "thomas & friends". i was excited, hubby was excited. he stopped the car by the roadside and we ripped open the envelope. amir was screaming at the back. it was james and ben. amir now have 4 trains. also in the parcel was a top for ariff and a set of fridge magnets.

they were all courtesy of syerah. if she was in front of me, i would have cried and hugged her. amir kept auntie syerah beli, ni auntie zu beli (sorry syerah, mak angkat sorang lagi dapat credit pulak). syerah...we dont know how to thank you, we pray your delivery will be a safe and happy one. insyaallah next week penguin sampai.

the trains kept amir busy while we had breakfast. ariff as usual was his cool self. it was asyraf who needed constant looking after, especially with the mugs displayed at his chest level and lack of highchairs.

before we left, we stopped by cold storage to get a little bit of groceries and a whole lot of dry goods. its a weekend of cleaning and trying out new formula and eating steak.

footnote - amir went for breakfast diaper-less and came home dry. we're so proud of him.


syerah said...

Takde ape yg auntie nak ckp..satu je..auntie cayang amir,asyraf + ariff :)muah muah muah :)

Nae said...

I'm sure Amir is allright but has mommy recovered from the shock yet?

And congrats to Amir for being potty trained (and mommy/daddy too)

Liasari said...

hey who's that cute girl with amir? amboi amboiii... ada awek ye?

sally, alhamdulillah so far my hyper kids blom pernah jatuh tangga lg. but they were a bit clumsy kekdg jalan2 dlm rumah pun bleh tergolek sendiri... tp mmg ngeri tgk tangga u yg curam tu.

Being Normal said...

anak tan sri sudin told me about the incident during futsal today and gosh, was I shock! Hope amir is better and same with for the mommy...
My three cuties were so very much hyper that I think there were no spots in the house that they haven't climbed or fell..
Congrats to Amir for achieving the diaper-less status...cayang dia...muah muah!!

aisha said...

kak easai.. ngilu saya baca citer amir.. sian amir.. but he's a though boy kan.. dah dapat discover ker naper asyraf's head benjol?takkan dia tranfer dr abang ke adik?

Faith said...

My my my, ur entry just so nostalgia laa. Huhuhu. Yes, my brother pun penah jd camtu. Jatuh tangga jgk.I tak ingat sgt umur dia berapa, but he was in the walker. All I can remember is seeing him bergolek la jugak. Haaaa takmo la citer, mmg rasa cam nak berenti je jantung. I understand exactly how u feel. Horror kan.

eiseai said...

we love u too auntie syerah & uncle senol :)

nae - thanks. it was a stressful journey to get him toilet trained. but the teachers at school helped a lot.

lia - itu aweks amir. lah, it was a girl who was sitting at a nearby table masa bfst. tu lah, steep gila kan my tangga. naik masa pregnant mmg penat habis.

normal - we're better now, thanks :) amir especially better when thomas's friends arrived.

aisha - tu lah, tough jugak dia. yg funny nya he remembered that he spun down the stairs, not fell. kept repeating amir pusin. we still tak tau what happened to asyraf but his benjol pun dah surut.

faith - erk jatuh walker. scary tu. one reason why i didnt use walker. my sis pun fell masa sliding down the banister. i'm sure she remembers that incident.

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

risau gak tgk tangga tu ... quite tinggi jgk .. sib baik x teruk.. kalau kita harus jantung berhenti jap ... bravo... amir gi b'fast x pakai drypers .. cayalah ;-)

ezrina said...

Js...amir terjatuh tangga...ala kesiannya dia...mujur tak apa-apa...

Yang anak dara comel pakai baju kurung main2 ngan Amir tu saper Js..alahai camni jeleslah Qistina jawapnya hehe :D

nOLie said...

UuuuUUu...tuh kalau umar tuh memagn tak caya dier naik sengsorang...even tangga umah nenek dier yang 4 tingkat tuh pun...kejap jer dok ..tau tau dah tergolek ker bawah ..eeee ngeri..seb baik amir ok...

nzh1979 said...

huhu..berderau la darah zam membaca kes ni..suspen betul..ahamdullillah.. amir dah recover pon..

bestnye auntie syerah bg yek..auntie pon ske gile thomas n friends tu :D

yeah amir kandar clever la... dah teror potty trained ;)


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