Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Holiday That Never Happened

we were supposed to go for a short holiday on sunday. hubby has an event in penang and he wanted to take the whole brood with him. we bought the tickets, made plans of things to do there, i (of course) made lists (4 times in total) of what to bring, i even made plans to meet up with miss ayu (miss lah konon mama allany ni...)

then the bombshell was dropped today. he had to cut his trip short and only be there for the day. go in the morning and come back at night. great...there melayang the flight tickets (refunded but not 100%), there goes our plans, there goes amir's swim (he was so looking forward to some fun at the pool).

today hubby's gone outstation, this time its to jb. his first text to me was...there's J plates every where. as usual, when hubby goes outstation, i get very nervous. how should i handle 3 boys on my own. being notified in advance and proper planning helps. the night before all clothes for daycare have been put aside. amir's tumbler and cookies are also set aside.

when i came back, i carried asyraf & ariff up the stairs (i carry two at a time) and amir followed suit on his own. i put ariff in the playpen, switched on the telly and gave amir & asyraf a potato bread each. took the clean bottles downstairs and spent 5 minutes putting them in the boys' bags, exchanging used clothes with new ones, putting amir's tumbler and cookies in his bag and quickly taking them into the car (i dont need to worry about this tomorrow).

then a quick pop into the kitchen to put hot water into the flask, switched on the back lights and bring in the laundry. carried all these upstairs. while the boys watch telly, i quickly folded the clothes. ariff was already whimpering for milk. finished folding, it was ariff's turn for dinner. a full 9oz bottle finished - ariff didnt finish them all in a go, he stoped to be burped halfway.

then a bath for amir & asyraf. asyraf is clothed first then amir. prepared ariff's bathwater in our bathroom. while waiting, i switched on the computer. a bath for ariff, put on his jammies and a bit of american idol for me. left ariff in his cot with the mobile on while i answered hubby's call.

while amir & asyraf plays, here i am blogging to let out my disappointment. i'm not angry that we cant go on this short holiday, i guess i'm more upset that we had to let down the boys. hubby and i decided to take the boys on a overnight stay at a nearby hotel this weekend. hope that works out.

its not that difficult taking care of the boys on my own. i dont like the part about taking them from the car when we get home and getting them buckled up in the morning. the rest its not a biggie. a lot of moms (and dads) can do this easily. properly planning is the key. if you can cut short some things, then cut short. if you can do without them for one night, then do without them. for me, i cut dinner. that saves a lot of time.

i also prepared all the clothes beforehand. instead of washing the bottles downstairs like i do everyday, i just exchange the bottles used in school that day with the bottles used at home.

and no, my boys arent angels that it makes my job easier. between 630pm to 830pm i have shouted at asyraf, smacked amir, left asyraf to cry for 3 minutes and made amir cry. but i still have time to blog. it just shows that it doesnt take a supermummy to do this, anyone can do it.

now i'm off for my shower. watch thomas and friends with the boys for 20 minutes then we're in dreamland. hubby's back tomorrow morning...thank God!!

p/s amir had his mid semester exam last week. he got no 2 out of 6. next exam he will sit together with the rest of the students from the old school.


Nae said...

I know the dissapointment too well, but i've learnt not to tell my boys until on the travelling day itself. It also helps that packed luggages were a common sight at my household, so nobody questions that :)

azie said...

ala..kak..kami baru balik dari tiara beach 2D 1N on selasa..balik rabu..semata2 nk bwk dania mandi pool..
kalo tau leh ajak amir skali...

Anonymous said...

congrats Amir, lepas nie bagi no 1 plak. happy voting esok ;)

Being Normal said...

if you wanna take them for a short weekend, my recommendation is palace of golden horses, got nice pool for the kids. and can alos take them for the lake cruise. otherwise, cyberview lodge is a good choice too..

you are a supermom, no doubt about that. have a good weekend and don't forget to vote!

s2m3r said...

siannya adik amir
awat tak pegi je penang..jalan2..heheeh

nOLie said...

hhhhehe js...I dah biasa handle everything by my own. Ader itu somi pun cam takde. So mama dier cam lipas kudung every day err skip dinner..? ooo tidak...nanti itu umar sampai nak tido pun sibok nak nasi..ishkk perot melayu betul...


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