Sunday, March 23, 2008

All Out

i went all out this weekend. i went grocery shopping, i cleaned, i cooked, i did 4 loads of laundry (could have been more if it didnt rain on saturday), i played with the boys, i even ironed (gasp!!)

grocery shopping and cleaning was done on saturday. i swept and mopped the whole house (someone was supposed to vacuum and clean the fan but he prizes for guessing who). i washed the bathroom (ours and the boys) on sunday morning. i also cleaned the kitchen and the stove.

this weekend i craved for steak (can someone crave for steak?). i also made barbaque chicken, mashed potato and veggies. on sunday i made ayam masak kicap and kobis masak lemak. easy but yums. ariff finally had his first full meal at home. before this we've tried gerber, nestum, heinz in the bottle but he's finally taken a liking to heinz breakfast cereal. i wanted to finish my cooking off with some mini cuppies for the boys but that plan didnt materialise.

we spent the whole weekend just entertaining and being entertained by the boys. amir is as usual his hyper self. very stingy when it comes to his toys (asyraf can only play with the new trains when amir's asleep) but he misses his brother terribly when they are asleep. asyraf is becoming amir's shadow. he does everything his abang long does. they do the cutest impersonation of mickey mouse. he's also shown off a new skill this weekend. asyraf cant sleep with the tv on. on sautrday, before he nodded off he asked me to switch off the telly. once it was off, he sighed 'aaahhhh' and fell down on his pillow. within 30 seconds he was off to dreamland.


mrika said...

your boys are too cute la. such happy-looking boys. :-)

btw, i spent a good many hours yesterday (and this morning too) browsing through your blog. must have read almost all of your entries. love them all!

and you were in Kent? nice place, kan? i used to visit a friend there and was close enough to go there myself, but in the end opted for Greenwich as it was closer to our London apartment (i was anti-social like that, tak nak stay in halls, nak stay in own apartment .. tho to my parents, i cited 'saving money' (on halls' fees) as reason to commute from the apartment la. heheh.

mommamia said...

i thought i'm the only one yg adore amir,rupanya asyraf pun sama,siap buat abg long jadi role model lg(read:amir's shadow)-sally,ur ayam masak kicap tu kan..urghh..terliur tgk,my fav!

Anonymous said...

salina,ada Malaysian kat sini pun anak dia nama Amir Iskandar but baru 1thn.. xtau lah dia tertgk blog nie ke apa.. hehehe.. Amir dah baik dah? Kejap nyer,perkasa mcm Alexander the Great jugak

Being Normal said...

sally, ajar lah i buat steak, i tak pandai ler buat western dishes...can ah??

suzi_khai said...

amboi rajinnya mommy... semua hah buat satu hari... salute sey.

Erm mcm terbau-bau ayam masak kicap tu... looks so yummy...

ami aka huneybee said...

share lah recipe chicken wings & steak itu.nampak sgt yummylicious!

Liasari said...

wah ni sesi lepas geram di dapur ke? so, ur earlier target dah materialise lebih awal lah kan? :-)
keep it up... bleh lah i minta resipi mcm ni...

nzh1979 said...

nak resepi..nak resepi..ehehhe
best sgt food tu yummyyyyy


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