Tuesday, February 12, 2008


i've been getting pain on and off for some time now. its worst than contraction (since it doesnt come with the sedap after effects) and period pain. i dont know what brought this pain on but i think its due to some of the placenta left inside me after i delivered ariff (as the placenta berkecai into pieces as it was stuck to the wall).

no pictures this time around...


Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

oh what did Dr'm suggest?
Go for operation ker or treatment?
kesian you..u sakit perut i pening pening until now tak leh sembahayang sujud..

Ini laa dinamakan pergorbanan ibu..

Being Normal said...

We work in the company and u didn't tell me you're not well, you know keje I nie kan menjaga kebajikan pekerja...

Anyway, hope you are better and pls buzz me if u need my help ya!

NadiahKhair said...

my o my..
i can imagine the pain..
hope ure getting better soon..
dr xde ckp ape2 ke?

Liasari said...

oh my... i didn't know u had placenta bits tertinggal kat dalam too. i demam sejuk teruk and bleeding heavily sbb cebisan placenta fahmi tertinggal kat dalam dulu. contraction & cramp mcm u cakap, hilang darah byk & pucat. tot that i was going to die. dr perform d&c on me, gave me strong antibiotic for fear of the infection the rotten placenta could/might have caused. sorry i didn't mean to scare you, just to share my xperience.


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