Sunday, February 24, 2008

No-Cooking Weekend

lunch on saturday was covered. went to my boss's house for his son's birthday party. zu came to see ariff. once she took him, i didnt get a chance to carry him at all. ariff was passed between zu and nik masleen (tiza's friend). asyraf the terrorist needed constant looking after. he went in and out of the house, went to the tv, climbed up the stairs...

when we got home, everyone pengsan-ed. they slept for 3 hours!

for dinner we went to secret recipe near the house. i wish they'd open more restaurants like that, maybe a decanter outlet.

because they took a long nap in the afternoon, all were hyper after dinner. they accompanied me while i did some work.

sunday morning asyraf was in a foul mood. he slept late the night before but woke up at his usual time.


Being Normal said...

Amboi...birthday anak sape nie, tak dapat invite pun...anyway, anak tan sri sudin tu tgh practise ke utk hari2 mendatang...

zie said...

sapa lak pakai topeng ijau tu..sungguh scary larr..kalah batman..ha ha ha..sapa lak jd terrorist kecik2..ngalahkan osama dah nie..hehehe

Anonymous said...

being normal, bday anak affan..
jgn lah jeles, minta2 cepat berjangkit, so, tak payah lah saya main untuk sports carnival this year kan??..hehehehe

salina, terharu i tgk amir tido ngan thomas i tuh. tgk ariff, i rasa nak g culik dia kat umah u skrg gak.

-auntie thomas_

mommamia said...

happy belated anniversary sally!ala sweet nya u masa bersanding tu,dulu berdua,skang dah berlima! time fly very fast,yg pastinya u mmg role model i,i so adore u lah,i nak baby ramai gaaaaak huhu-pray for me ya cpt rezeki i dpt baby baru

s2m3r said...

ariff makin mok mok le...cute bangat...kalah lah adik amir

Anonymous said...

tenkayu for coming to my casa. The kids really had fun. Lepas maghrib the kids went to sleep (usual sleeping time) and bangun the next morning. Bangun pagi terus play with the toys til evening.


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