Friday, February 08, 2008

From The Phone

took some pictures from the new phone. ariff has more since he can keep still. asyraf's the most difficult to take...

played around with the frames. saya sungguh gila bayang tengok gambar itu rabbit...

erk...and who is this...oooo anak tan sri sudin


Being Normal said...

tgh sronok tgk gambar bebudak yg kiut miut tu, apesal si anak tan sri sudin tu enter frame...patut le mcm kenal

ainn said...

rabbit tu sgt comel..sesuai betul dgn dia..haha.. kamera tu sharp juga la.. cantik gmbrnya.. aiseh, ni rasa nk beli baru juga..haha

kombat said...

comelnye dpt capture ariff jelir lidah :D cute sungguh!


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