Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daytime Shows

i think almost all of my 9 ex-housemates can testify that i was such a tv junkie (even my current housemate will agree to that). so this entry is dedicated to my favourite shows back in the UK.

ready...steady...cook (this was my & tiza's favourite show)
i made a list of what i wanted to cook during the holidays. i made baked pasta on thursday (at hubby's request), mee kari on friday, rice with grilled chicken, tauhu sumbat & chinese cabbage on saturday and my long-awaited (by me) soto on sunday. unfortunately the soto lacked some condiments like bawang goreng, kicap & cili, dauh bawang etc but it was too hot for me to get to the shop, so proceeded without them. every morning i made scramble eggs, hash browns, grilled tomatoes and baked beans.

changing rooms
we cleaned what we could clean. the four-days holiday was very much looked-forward to. we swept and washed and mopped and wiped the morning of thursday and friday. we wanted to vacuum - the dust is so thick - but the cleaner is being borrowed (tiza...please return our vacuum cleaner). just waiting to wash our bathroom (which i'll do on sunday morning) and iron my iron-able clothes (which i will do sometime on saturday).

antiques roadshow
i've been looking for avent teat no4 for ages. its still not in stock so i had to settle for the variable flow teat instead. i'll look for the teat in isetan since ana said she found them there. while getting the teats, i grabbed these for ariff as well...

neighbours ( this has no relation whatsoever to the next part of my entry, but i absolutely loved the show. i used to watch it twice a day)

the boys are getting to be easier to handle nowadays. amir is, as always, very independent. he can play outside while i cook or air the clothes or fold the clothes. he knows what he wants and is able to let us know (except when he doo doo...he lets us know after the incident). switch on mickey mouse or barney and we wont see him for an hour.

asyraf has matured overnight. all of the sudden he can play alone with amir (although he still goes back to asyraf-the-clingy-and-whining-boy every now and then) and even can entertain himself in the playpen. he is growing 4 new teeth at a time, his 2 upper and 2 bottom molars. he eats a lot and has now taken a liking to pasta. he ate my baked pasta and pasta with chicken soup last night. he also loves mandarin oranges. so nice to see him eat, since he was allergic to almost everything when he was younger. he loves to follow everything amir does. if abang long points at his shirt, asyraf would do the same. if abang long jumps and laughs, he would do the same thing. if abang long pushes, he would push back. if abang long screams, asyraf would scream along. well...there's good and bad points to everything.

ariff, since the very begining, can be left alone while we do things and while we entertain the other two. unfortunately because of that, we tend to take it for granted and sometimes he would be left crying while we bathe and dress amir and asyraf. he's not alone...he's in the same room but because he's more relaxed than the other two, we tend to put him aside while focusing our attention to his older brothers. but its usually not for long then i'd give ariff 100% attention while amir and asyraf play together. ariff would get sole attention for hours after that...its just easier to get the two ready for bed earlier rather than later. sorry ariff. ariff turns four months today. just a couple of weeks more before i can introduce him to food and stop sterilising his bottles. a week shy of his fourth month, ariff can finally lift his head. he's slower than asyraf maybe because asyraf was laying on his tummy since forever.


Being Normal said...

the boys are really growing up ya! happy 4 months old ariff. from all the pictures taken of ariff, he can really pose

so, did you go to carls jr

rafiqaheliza said...


It's been a looong time since I last hop in at your blog. Byk betul update but I manage to read few of your latest entries.

Cute, cute, cute your 3 boys. They really know how to pose. My boys payah betul nak sit still to pose esp yang adik tu.

Oh, didn't know when I'll drop by again. Been extremely busy!

kombat said...

pict asyraf baju kuning. ala ala model. hehehe

Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

heluu! after i saw ariff in his bumbo seat..i definately nak get one also laa...
Love the green colour!

Rumah dah dicleankan now can i nvite us laa..huhuh

eiseai said...

normal...we didnt go to carls junior. went to new wing instead. ariff loves the camera, unlike asyraf. he cant sit still...

rafiqah...was about to comment on your blog. i miss reading about ashraff & aliff :(

ana...baju kuning tu boleh jadik model bumbo ke? hehe

dot...come over lah anytime...ppl like you just give me 10 mins notification pun takpe. rumahku sentiasa terbuka for the 2As :)

nkarim said...

ha!ha! I have been looking for Avent teats no 4 for ages too, finally had a friend to buy them for me. she found loads a month or so ago in Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan, I don't know where that is! But Isetan have not had it for ages, don't know if they have em now... good luck [either in finding the teats in Isetan or finding JJ Cheras Selatan!]:-)

tnihartini said...

makin suker tgk gelagat 3 hero nie..

mommamia said...

wah!naked chef version malaysia nih haha!u ni silap2 haribulan boleh ganti chefwan ni,rajin betul masak,soto with begedil tu menggoda betul la!-i took 1 day off semlm semata2 nak mengemas rumah,basuh baju semua,aiyoo penat..


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