Friday, February 01, 2008


i've been so busy that i hardly update my blog. on the lrt to work, i usually have in mind what i want to blog for the day but once i get to the office i'd forget every single word i have mentally prepared.

i realised from the comments i received that there's a lot of silent readers out there. thanks to all who read my blog, silent or otherwise. nice to know that my blog is nice enough for people to browse through and leave a comment or two even though its about the boring life of 3 boys under 3 years old.

i've not had the chance to reply some of the comments i received.
mom2que, hudhud...thanks for dropping by and letting us know we're not alone.
ain...thanks for the nice words. dont think we can be proud yet...have to see how the boys turn out but i do wonder at times, how the heck do we do this without help?
i'm sorry...i've browsed my blog to see who left the comment about amir's bob the builder bedsheet but i couldnt find it. so to the person who asked about the bedsheet, i apologise for not remembering which entry you commented on and for taking so long to reply...i bought the bedsheet from a colleague of mine, also known as cik puan ambang in normal's blog entries.

while i'm browsing back and reviewing my posts, i'd like to re-do my plans for the year.
jan - amir turns 3 on 8 jan. take leave on 11 jan. have amir's party at school;

feb - my appraisal, which i have not updated, is due in feb;

march - family retreat that was scheduled to be in march have now been postponed. hubby's due for confirmation;

may - taking leave on 2 may. supposed family retreat happening this month? hopefully the ker-chings will be debited in may. planning to buy water heater and air-cond for the boys' room and settle my credit card bills. ikhwan hasri turns 1. his mummy wants some ideas for his party;

sept - more ker-ching comes in from work which will be used for ariff's birthday and saved for daycare registration in january. this time both amir & asyraf will be learning in school so their registration will be higher than the previous years;

oct - taking leave on 3 oct. little ariff turns 1 on 8 oct. planning his party on either the 18th or 25th. i have chosen the theme for the party and have found a few places to buy the favours from. i would love to discuss my favour ideas with someone who is crazy about them but she's busy nowadays. my birthday & hubby's will not be during ramadhan (like the past 2 years) so maybe we'll go out to celebrate with the boys;

nov - asyraf turns 2 on 20 nov. no party this year for him, just a small family occasion;

dec - the big holiday plan has been shelved as the ker-ching coming in will be used to pay off debts first. i also plan to do up the house - lower the ceiling, paint some walls, get new curtains for our bedroom and plant some trees in the yard and back yard. if we do go anywhere, it would probably be just down south across the chanel.

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