Friday, February 29, 2008

The Boys And I

its so difficult to get a photo of the five of us. last night amir was in his posing mood, so i used the timer function to take a picture of the family...

why was amir in a "posing" mood? because i went shopping and the boys got new clothes...

while i'm advertising, anyone up for some cuppies?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mouth Is For

...eating. ariff had his first meal at home on sunday. his teacher gave him his first food at the daycare (i was a bit upset as i wanted to be the first to feed him). someone kept opening his mouth thinking i was going to feed him instead of ariff.

...screaming. that's what we do now. there's no more "amir, please stop..." or "asyraf, no..." warnings. now its just "amirrrrrrrr..." and "asyrafffff..." at the top of our lungs. i must really thank everyone who say the boys are cute and all that. but beneath the 'cute" facade lies three little terrors (yes, ariff can have his screaming days too). three terrors who jump on the bed, climb the sofa, throw water at each other, kick and scream, pull shirts, hit heads, throw toys out of the windows, eat everywhere.

...talking. we thought asyraf was 'the quiet one'. but how wrong we were! he hasnt said his first word yet (dada comes close) but he can babble away like his abang long. i cant wait to hear him talk and to see whether he has the same sing-songy tune like amir. amir comes up with the funniest words to explain his feelings, like "air turun dekat purut amir dah" when he has quenched his thirst, "amir malu" when the light shines in his eyes (silau lah tu), "air pudas" to every carbonated drink, "amir sakit purut nanti" when he's full.

but despite all the screaming and the panadols we've shoved down our throats, we still want more babies and we still want only boys.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

No-Cooking Weekend

lunch on saturday was covered. went to my boss's house for his son's birthday party. zu came to see ariff. once she took him, i didnt get a chance to carry him at all. ariff was passed between zu and nik masleen (tiza's friend). asyraf the terrorist needed constant looking after. he went in and out of the house, went to the tv, climbed up the stairs...

when we got home, everyone pengsan-ed. they slept for 3 hours!

for dinner we went to secret recipe near the house. i wish they'd open more restaurants like that, maybe a decanter outlet.

because they took a long nap in the afternoon, all were hyper after dinner. they accompanied me while i did some work.

sunday morning asyraf was in a foul mood. he slept late the night before but woke up at his usual time.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


20-2-2004...hubby & i tied the knot...

8-1-2005...amir arrived...

20-11-2006...the much-awaited asyraf came into our lives...

8-10-2007...ariff completed our family...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Good And The Bad

the good thing about weekends is i can indulge in my (very amatuer) cooking. this weekend, the main dish that i planned to make was chicken chop. hubby wanted baked pasta was the second week running and have been bugging me to make a fish dish. i'm so not a fish person and wouldnt know which fish to buy. i took amir with me to the nearby supermarket and got amir to choose for me...he chose the wrong one, according to hubby. amir also chose so many other things that were not in my grocery list.

so for lunch on saturday, i made baked pasta. i made enough for two meals. saturday night's dinner was yummy but so, so simple. i made rice and kubis masak lemak while hubby fried the fish. between the four of us, we finished all the rice in the cooker and the fish and veggie. and someone said he wasnt hungry! sunday breakfast was little bit of the pasta to go with the french toast hubby requested. amir had his usual corn flakes.

lunch on sunday was my chicken chop. making the mashed potato and accompanying veggies were easy enough. even the chicken was easy to make...thanks to my deep fryer. but i was a bit sceptical about making the gravy. looks easy enough but i havent made any kind of gravy before.

sunday dinner is to finish up whatever that's left in the kitchen.

the bad part about this particular weekend is the boys' noses. asyraf & ariff are having really bad flu. we took them to the nearby clinic saturday night. asyraf was easy enough...he was given phenergen.

ariff's turn. first the doctor asked why was his chest red. i said, i guess its because we were carrying him. she said maybe its something else. she checked his arms...nothing, his too, she was a bit worried when she checked his back. ariff has some sort of a pimple just below his right shoulder. her diagnose could be chicken pox. she said to monitor him closely. if there's more pimply-dots on his body then its confirmed, chicken pox. oh god nooooo!! not ariff! when she was checking his temperature and listening to his chest, she said...nebuliser. oh poor baby. he's never been sick his 4 and a half months and now, both wheezing and chicken pox.

today we monitored him. he seems ok. his chest and back werent red anymore and the pimple has dried up. i know i would prefer the boys to get the pox early on but i really wasnt prepared for that yesterday. not now, not yet...

the boys put on a fashion show before going to bed...


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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