Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh Ye Updates

i've not having been updating because:
1. internet is sooo slow for some work and at home;
2. i've been so busy at work, with the jamboree, claims and now appraisal;
3. i'm having a writer's block.

just a little update -
1. what i thought would be announced during the jamboree, wasnt announced then. but it was informed to us yesterday. not as much as i thought it would be but enough to cover ariff's daycare expenses, not including the overtime.

2. i've not updated my appraisal form. not much to update as i was away from the office for 2 months.

3. the boys are growing healthily, aside from a few sniffle episodes that all of them had.

amir loves his new school. i think he's got a new friend named iman. he talks about cikgu huda all the time. he now sits in the front passanger seat while ariff sits at the back. i still am not sure whether he is learning at the new school like he did in the old school. when we went back to the old school to have amir's party, cikgu sally kept asking amir to come back because the other students dont perform as well as him.

asyraf's been bitten twice at the new school. once on his shoulders and once on his arm. i told his minder about it and she said there's a child that is quite rough in the group. he's also got a lot of mosquito bites on his body. he doesnt get any at the old school as its fully air-cconditioned. i think if i see another (child) bite mark on asyraf's body, i'll take them back to the old school.

ariff...what can i say about ariff. the teachers keep saying he's so nice so quiet so good. even the teachers at the old school asked for him the minute i stepped down from the car. when they saw him they screamed his name, took him from me and i didnt see ariff at all until after amir's party ended. i left so many notes asking the teacher not to put powder on him, yet she still does. sigh...

my babies recently...
amir counting with barney...

asyraf, who loves cookies as much as amir now, looking out the window...

 little smiling baby, wearing my favourite outfit, trying to raise his head. doesnt he have the cutest little feet...

two by two...

all together now...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Giving Thanks

i finally got the presents maria bought for amir. she bought sometime in 2005. thank you maria...

the office will be having a big employee gathering (in other words, townhall) tomorrow. we usually have townhalls for certain levels of staff or if it for everyone, its usually followed by a makan-makan. this time around, it will be a different sort of townhall. we will be having it at an external location and it will be a big half-day event. imagine...the whole office will be out for half a day.

i wonder what is the reason behind this. at townhalls, the head of the company usually announces a few things, rally the employees and talk about the company's future. will it be more than that this time around? will there be things, that i will be thankful, for announced? with 3 boys going to daycare, i certainly hope so. i wonder if the reason for william's visit to langkawi will also be announced tomorrow. he didnt look me in the eye when i asked him why he went...hmmm. normal, i cant help it...i'm a curious individual :)

there's another thing i'm thankful for. i'm thankful that i am capable. no...i'm not a superwoman or supermummy that people have been labeling me. i would never consider myself that. but i am capable. i'm capable of bringing my boys for their monthly check ups and immunisation alone (even though i got a long lecture from the doctor on bringing 3 boys by myself). i'm capable enough to bring my boys to the daycare alone. i'm capable enough to handle them at home alone. i'm capable enough to bathe, feed, play, put my boys to bed. i'm capable enough to go all the way to the UK for registration when i was just 19 years old while a 20 year old needs the whole kampung to help her register locally. i'm capable enough to pay for my boys's things while 30 year olds call to borrow money. even though some people take it for granted, i'm thankful for that.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Handbag Tag

tagged by maria to reveal what's in my handbag. makcik...why me, of all people ?! the last handbag i bought was way back in 2003 (not counting the one i got as part of hubby's hantaran). i've never heard of coach till last year (all this while, "coach" to me is someone who leads footie training) and i've never, ever stepped in the coach outlet despite passing it everyday coming to work.

i'm so not a handbag person, i'm more of a "bag monyet" person. i dont carry handbags with me...i'd much rather take my purse and handphone and put it in the boys' diaper bag.

but nasib baik, i got a bag as a delivery present from my boss last year and boleh lah show off sikit. i actually requested for this bag because if i were to buy a handbag, it would be this brand - i actually have 5 polo sport /ralph lauren bags, excluding the lovely one that was snatched back in 2003.

back to the topic...this is the bag i got and i've been using and will probably continue to use for the next 5 years.

this is in the pocket of the house key, car key and coin purse...

important LV purse (from tssc) and 11-year-old DKNY glasses...

work swipe card, tower 2 swipe card, lrt MTC and my old phone...

etcetera...gums, inhaler, lipbalm and what is amir's cap doing in my bag?

to do...mothercare 15% discount card (for amir's birthday), letter from JPN to collect ariff's mykid and letter from the bank re amir's bank account...

so that's my bag and the cheap stuff in it. who should i tag next?, willing to share what's in your bag? rafiqah ke, mommamia ke, azie, lia, normal ke, faith, nad (who would probably have 5 entries on this)...the stage is all yours...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Celebrations For Him

after asyraf's big do last year, it seems sad that i didnt plan anything for amir's birthday. i dont want to have a big birthday celebration every year because i dont want my boys to expect an annual party and i dont want to make it a burden for my friends to have to attend and buy a gift every year. because of that, i plan to have a party only for certain (special) birthdays.

tiza came over on amir's birthday with a small cake for him. amir was so excited he kept asking to look at the cake. he was singing "happy birthday" the loudest, in fact.

amir had a big do for his first 2 birthdays (the second was a last minute plan, actually) so this year, a small party with his classmates was planned. i handed the invitation (more for courtesy) to amir's classmates last monday. booked the cake on sunday and prepared the favours last night. the favours are simple this time around, just some noisemakers, a party hat and a balloon in a mickey mouse bag. no chocolate or cookies or sweets. tizu said i should at least bring some finger food for the children, so i fried some nuggets an hour before i left the house.

(the teachers want the boys to come back to the old school...i'm confused now)

with angela & tizu's gifts...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

He my first born my friend when i'm alone at home
...loves talking when he's in the mood and says "diam lah" when he's not
...loves his brothers on his "on days" and pushes them on his "off"
...adores mickey mouse
...does the cutest ultraman impersonation (even though i hate ultraman)
...eats like there's no tomorrow
...makes up the funniest words
...knows to say "kejap lah" to his mummy
...follows his mummy's 'pe-cet' and rolling eyes
...memorises the way to his new school on his second day
...sings ariff to sleep the biggest tell-a-tale
...kicks everyone in his sleep
...still is not toilet-trained
...scolds ariff for putting his fingers in his mouth, but does it himself
...has started a new hobby of throwing his toys from the window very fickle of the vcd he watches very choosy with people
...wants a "happy day mickey mouse..." three today!
...this morning

...over the years

Monday, January 07, 2008

New School

sent the boys to their new school today. i was pretty anxious...maybe due to the bad experience we had with the old daycare (the one we sent amir to before the rapid nursery).

i took amir to see his new school on friday. he seemed ok with it and was saying "cikgu sally takde dah...". i was still a bit not sure of the whole thing. this morning i prepared a list of info for the new teachers - how much milk, asyraf's "illnesses", his dos and donts, ariff's timetable. i bought new things for the school - milk, diapers, creams - and wrote down the boys' names on the new things.

i was all ready to brief the teachers this morning. got to the school around 7am. i saw a car that i usually see at amir's daycare in front of the house. i brought amir down from the car and passed him to the teacher at the door. lahhhhh...its the same teacher that has been taking care of asyraf all this while. so there goes my list. then another teacher came to the door, saying "amir datang sekolah baru ye?" yet another teacher from the old school. then the principal came down with her daughter. her daughter is amir's classmate and now she too goes to this current daycare.

well...there goes my anxious-ness. i was a nervous wreck the whole weekend and i see all familiar faces this morning. even asyraf walked in happily...he went straight for the biscuits i packed for amir. amir didnt give me a second glance when he saw the slide & swing set. ariff was the only one who gave me a smile when i walked out. he was lying down on the mattress at the corner of the room.

as i drove off, i looked at my phone. i had 4 messages from the principal and teachers from the old daycare that i didnt check. they said that i had the option of sending to either one of the daycare, the old or the new, as all the syllabus, the timetable, the uniform, the yearly events are all the same. its up to us.

now i'm confused. the old or the new? i like the old as i like the "school" environment. i like the fact that each classgroup had their own room. but i like the number of children at the new daycare. not too many and its limited to just daycare compared to daycare plus preschool at the old place. amir picks up quite a few things that i was not happy with from the older children. maybe i'll ask amir which one he prefers. i dont mind the new one actually but i'll get amir's feedback.

in the car...

the new daycare...

suka nya amir...


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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