Monday, December 24, 2007

Visiting The Doctor

another visit to the peadiatrician today. this time we were given the afternoon slot. seems better actually as we only had to wait an hour, compared to almost two hours if we come in the morning. we were the first in the queue when the clinic re-opened after lunch.

asyraf & ariff had appointments for their monthly jabs while amir followed just for the horse ride. asyraf got more than he bargained for when the doctor said he was wheezing and immediately prescribed the nebuliser. ariff was given the clean bill of health by the doctor. alhamdulillah.

i felt a lot of parents were watching us when we were waiting for the pead. maybe they were thinking we were nuts to not bring a maid with us, what with three boys to look after.

amir used to be very quiet when we visit the pead and can entertain himself with that one measly toy in the clinic. but now he's out and about and is so active. maybe because now he has a partner in crime in the form of asyraf. they walked everywhere together...and shouted too. embarassing...

after the visit and all the walking and running and shouting, all 3 boys slept on the way home.

oh...i saw the most shocking thing on the way home just now. as we slowed down, nearing the shah alam toll plaza, i noticed driver in the car next to us was driving with a boy in her lap. the boy looked to be around amir's age or slightly older. if you dont believe in car seats, at least buckle him up. he's big enough. but what got me extremely upset was that there were two other people in the car with the driver and the boy. why cant the other two hold him? what were they thinking? then i saw her slowed down and passed the boy over to the person in the seat next to her as she was about to use the touch n go lane. i wanted to stop the car right there and then and scream at her. as meredith grey would say..."seriously!!"

p/s now that the boys have their own blogs for update, i think my entries will be shorter. sad...


zie said...

i guess it is kind of norm kan to see this phenomenon of children not using car seat in malaysia, as there is no regulation to say it a must. Awfully dangerous sebenarnya, tp nak buat camner, the government tak imply the rules. as u know kat UK sampai 12 tahun budak kena duk atas car seat - it is actually 'membakar' duit mak ayah - but it is for the child's own safety..pity the boys wheezing..

Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

Pheeewit! New look! Love the choc..huhu

Yes.. let me repeat myself over and over again..i salute you. Only you manage to handle 3 boys at one time..

AM planning to send my boys to you over the weekend for obidient camp.. hehehe

Being Normal said...

I know how it feels...I was there managing 3 kids at one time(about the same gap of your kids) and having no maid. Alhamdulilah, as they get older, things start to get better.

And to all parents out there, your child may "mengamuk" to sit on your lap while driving, but safety first ya! Just use the car seat...

rafiqaheliza said...

Wuhuu..New look! I love it, esp the chocs. Yummy!
But alamak, u made three seperate entries for the boys, meaning which I have to have 3 additional blogs to bloghop, takut tak sempat nak singgah. Letaklah summary sket kat your blog ni ye..coz I love to read updates on your boys.

About the car seat issue, I saw the exact same thing except mine is a man driver with a toddler about aliff's age. Jenis yang active tu. I wonder how he could drive and handle the kid at the same time. Seriously dangerous, not only to him but to others on the road too!

s2m3r said...

alamak..terbekenan kuda ku lari gagah berlari..beli kat ne tuh


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